Lone Wolf in search of forever love and lair

Stories of the Bosnian dogs are sad…

Born on the street, if they are lucky enough not to be poisoned or killed then they spend their short life alone wandering. They are hungry, often frozen and rarely ever petted.

There is a higher probability that they will get hit then to ever receive even one look not filled with hatred.

Wolf is just one of those dogs. Abandoned, Wolf wanders through the streets of a small village near a tiny Bosnian town.

One of the volunteers, who have been helping since the floods started, took a photo of him. On his FB profile he wrote he fell in love with Wolf on the spot. He would like to find him a safe home.

A few pieces of bread every now and then and constant fear of people is all this dog has.

If someone is willing to help Wolf then please contact: https://www.facebook.com/samuraispirit1984?fref=ts









Animal Activist Interviewed about Flood Disaster in Bosnia



Dalida Kozlić (BiH): Aktivisti rade 24/7! Interview of Dalida Kozlic by Rujana Jeger in Bez Dlake Na Jeziku

Translation of the interview into English:

Dalida Kozlić is an ideal spokesperson on the topic of protection of animals. She is a lawyer who deals with the legal protection of animals, including documentation and reporting of crimes of torture and killing of animals, as well as the failure to implement and violations of provisions of the Animal Protection and Welfare Act of Bosnia and Herzegovina. This young girl (24) is an activist for animal rights and a rescuer with more than 15 years of experience. We began to correspond when I saw Damir Janacek’s movie ” Kinofil “, which drew my attention to the situation of stray dogs in Bosnia and Herzegovina and to the abuse of animals in general. Since Bosnia and Herzegovina has been hit by the worst floods ever, I am wondering…

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Dog shelter in Tuzla urgently needs food

Dog shelter in Tuzla urgently needed food. Association “Nirina” from Tuzla takes care of 500 dogs which are in this shelter.

They say they will never give up, but they need help.


If you want to help Tuzla asylum activists “Nirina” can be contacted via their Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/groups/330001807080905/?fref=ts


“For years few enthusiasts runs this asylum. Since the floods began, all of us have forgotten. We did not get any dog food since floods started. Everybody is focused on the flooded areas. The municipality only pay four employees, and all other costs we pay. The dogs need food and vet treatment. We can do it with love, effort and hood will, but we can’t do it ourselves. Thanks in advance to anyone who wanted to help us, “- said Emina Divković from Association” Nirina “.

Pay pal for “Nirina” is sheltertuzla@gmail.com. All donations are welcome!




Unsettling photos: After escaping the flood, dogs were murdered in Novi Grad, Bosnia

One of the wounded dogs was just laying there for 10 hours before animal rights activists found him. With the help of Croatian colleagues he was transported to Zagreb where he will undergo surgery.

On Tuesday (May 20th) unknown perpetrators shot stray animals from fire weapons in Bosanski Novi/Novi Grad. The bodies of the dogs were not found, but the wounded and killed dogs left blood stains behind in multiple locations.

One of the wounded dogs was just laying there for 10 hours before animal rights activists Ivana and Milan Begovic found him.

With the help of Croatian colleagues he was transported to Zagreb where he will undergo surgery. It is interesting to mention that this is not the first first time the dogs are being systematically killed, and this time the floods were used as an excuse for animal disappearances.



The shootings happened just two days after night watch in the city was rendered inactive due to flood risks. A few days earlier, on Saturday, Sana river flooded a part of the city, near the train station a part of Urija municipality next to its coast. Most of the city was saved thanks to the city key, as well as a pump system that was set up after the 1955 floods and the efforts of citizens. Between 16.05 and 19.05 night watch was set up to build additional banks and the watch ended Sunday evening when the water level started to drop.

As the flood danger ended, shots were heard throughout the city. Multiple citizens heard the shots between 5.30am and 6am, and the perpetrators hid the bloody trail. During the day the news o the wounded dog who was taken to Zagreb also appeared on Facebook. The shooting is just the latest in a series of troubles that the dogs in Novi have experienced as of late. During the weekend, water came into the Begovic family house, where a great number of stray dogs were homed.

According to the activists this was not an isolated case, and mass killings occurred earlier as well. The photos taken at the city depot, showing corpses of dead dogs, show that this is, as the activists say, an organized and systematic action.



Although there in no evidence as to who is committing these killings, it is clear that disturbed individuals would not be bothering with hiding the bodies. All evidence in the city points to city authorities as the perpetrators, using mass killings as a cheaper solution, opposed to the legally prescribed management of stray dogs and cats.

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1466143_10204120508715762_4719223288492878201_nRescuers have been working around the clock in the most severely affected areas of Bosnia Herzegovina.

Our respect goes out to everyone involved – rescuers from Marianne’s Dog Food Bank, Angel’s Breath, Journalists for Animals, Andjeo Sarajevo, and so many other individuals who have joined in the efforts. Your donations have helped save lives, thank you so much! Help is still needed, please keep sharing our YouCaring Fundraiser.

Pictures speak louder than words…


1800394_10204120509275776_1675476769946402098_n 10255008_10203353734417962_6345992565016380393_n  10291203_10203353764218707_7966696582921127950_n10298857_10203353685856748_1534908778662554264_n10300643_10203356271922739_6481512978506386525_n10302033_10203353690976876_5265641710657834399_n10306168_10203356260962465_3813926145716118462_n10363900_10203356293083268_4525027107641049208_n10309715_10203356292523254_2987073316194618670_n
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One story: today, on the way to Orasje to assist with emergency rescue efforts Andjeo Sarajevo saw this dog….
This dog had a family before the floods. His family has lost everything they had in the flooding. They could not take care of the dog anymore. It is injured and slowly but surely starving to death. People asked Andjeo Sarajevo to put the dog down by driving their car over it to…

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Bosnian factory Quiler donated 800 kilograms of dog’s food



First B&H company for manufacturing pet’s food “Quiker” donated 800 kilograms of food to “Život” NGO for animal’s protection and welfare.


This is first and only B&H company that contacted activists in this grave situation. Thanks them a lot!

NGOs representatives, representatives of “Bosnet Group” and media visited flooded areas and distributed food among people who needed it for feeding animals in need.










Relief aggregation point ex. Store “Tik-Tak”, village of Tišina near Bosnaski Šamac

Activists from Sarajevo visit Doboj dog shelter

Today activists activists from Animal health and protection association “Andjeo Sarajevo” from Sarajevo visited dog shelter at Doboj. Like the rest of the town the shelter that is 12 km outside of the town is enveloped in ghastly atmosphere. ImageAccording to the activist “A pregnant bitch unfortunately died. Her dead body is located near the place where another bitch recently gave birth to puppies. It is terrible to see dogs literally swallowing food, and judging by the amount of fesses in the boxes, the dogs haven’s had any visitors in a while.” Image They express hope that the Preslica shelter management will soon normalize the catastrophic state of the shelter. Journalistsforanimals.wordpress.com will attempt to contact the management and give you the other side of the story as soon as possible. Image

Floods, nana and her cake

Yesterday we visited Olovo. If I had to describe what we saw there in one word that word would surely be sorrow. Along with us, a Red Cross vehicle also headed for Olovo. When we came to town we were surrounded by a sad atmosphere, of people ejecting water from their cellers, cleaning their flooded houses and apartments, lacking in food and water, hoping things will get better, and thanking us for coming by to ask how they were doing.

After Olovo we headed for Zavidovici. We passed trough the flooded villages of Bogdanovici, Krizevici, Solun, Kamenito. “Andjeo Sarajevo” activists gave away animal food, for those who had nothing left to feed their pets. We could not reach the Rjecica village as it was too dangerous, even in a terrain vehicle to cross the Krivaja river. The locals say that the situation is desperate. They say that the villagers there fled their homes, and left for the forests. They are in need of the most basic provisions.

As we were returning to Sarajevo we saw an older man by the road. We stopped to ask if he needed some help. He told us with tears in his eyes that he was waiting for a friend to build a wall because his huose was about to crumble. We could not stop the tears in our eyes.

“If I had a weapon I would have killed myself today. And its all the politicians’ fault! I would like to put them all in this house, Lagumdjija, Covic, Radoncic, all of them…. I have nothing but this house, my son…. And granny is sick….” said this man in tears.

We pulled over. Grandad’s face full of tears! I ask him if there is anything we can do. He tells us his wife is sick, he has wonderful sons, a Polish daughter in law…. We start talking….. Then, his wife spots us, she tells us they have no water, but the man went to the store and bouhgt some juice, and she made home made pasteries. Both the man and the granny told us we could not go until we had some pasteries. And so we sat in front of this house on a landslide, somewhere by the road from Olovo to Zavidovici. Granny serves the pasteries and juice, while the man spoke against the government, and kept saying that Tito was in the right.

The “Andjeo Sarajevo” activists left them a bag of dog and cat food and some canned food. Granny told us that their dog was their greatest treasure and we did a great thing by bringing them food for him. She says that the first night, when the house flooded, the first thing she did was to save the dog and the goatlings.

“They were all with me. I would have died if I didn’t have that little lamb to cuddle trough the night” said granny with tearful eyes.

And so, a story of and older couple remains, a couple trapped in a middle of nowhere, with no idea if their house will crumble that night, and their backyard flooded with water. They say they still have hope. But they don’t let unknown guest leave their home until they have had some cake and juice first.

That is the Bosnia that I am in love with.



Journalists for animals: Support Our Work

We are a group of journalists from Bosnia and Herzegovina, starting the “Journalists for animals” project. The media in our country refuse to give financial support, or publish stories about animals, especially those concerning criminal actions of different levels of government. Every political party has its media and in such atmosphere there is often no place for the truth.

In the meantime, great sums of money are given for the work of shelters and imaginary spay and neuter programs; in many cases corrupt veterinary inspectors work along with municipality mayors to steal money from the tax payers, while the dogs and cats on the streets of Bosnian cities are poisoned, shot from firearms or starved to death in the so called shelters.

Although the eyes of the world are pointed at Romania, similar things are happening in Bosnia and Herzegovina, only there is no one reporting on these incidents. Our goal is to inform the world about the sufferings of those who have no voice.

Tortured and tormented dogs and cats are everywhere. People harass them daily, the press and medial every now and then writes about dogs attacking “unprotected” citizens … (dogs can be aggressive when they protect their territory or when they are hungry, but I can wonder myself why I am not dead already because of the “more and more aggressive” dogs on our streets!).

Although we do not have money to gather evidence, I know that people from the towns of Hreša and Žunovica and our Hygienic Services (services for the disposal –‘euthanisation’ – of stray dogs) daily poison dogs around Sarajevo. On the other hand, everyone is talking about this constantly, but rarely anyone at all wants to be bothered with such cases. Thousands of dollars are collected and spent on individual cases… (it’s good for that animal in need and I am happy because of every single saved animal but it just isn’t a long term solution.) I understand the need to save “that” dog, but I can’t believe that no one besides us is not concerned about the mass destruction of hundreds of dogs in various shelters. I think of all those poor little eyes in filthy cages throughout Bosnia. What about the illegal breeding of dogs or hunters who daily killing the strays? I’m sure we have at least dozens of unregistered kennels that contribute to the problem of stray dogs. And no one does anything about this problem.

All of this is the reason why we have decided to start the project “Journalists for Animals”. If we can collect enough funds for this project, we will visit the whole of Bosnia Herzegovina and document the situation on the ground. As most of you know, our government has still not brought a decision regarding proposed changes to the animal welfare law, changes that if implemented will have dire consequences for the strays. It’s important that we create media pressure and document the situation on the ground to ensure that the decision, when it comes, has a positive outcome for the animals. We visited almost all of the shelters last year and since then there have been no other visitors who would be willing to publish stories of those poor animals.

We are not saying that Journalists for Animals will be able make any huge difference, but currently there is no one else writing about the situation from inside the country.

With support and funding we may also be able to save many lives when we publish photographs from the ‘horror’ shelters of Bosnia Herzegovina. The conditions these public dog shelters are shocking. Food is inadequate (old white bread) or non-existent, often there is no water. There is no heating during the very cold winter months. There is no veterinary care or sterilizing of dogs in these shelters. Dogs have been found dying in their own excrement, being eaten alive by worms.

Generally, because it is cheaper than humane euthanisation, the dogs are left to starve or are being “euthanized” by injections of bleach or clubbing. Also, shelters are often used to launder money from public budgets. Population control and promotion of spaying and neutering as well as implementation of the Animal Welfare Act is not in their interest because they want and need constant flow of new dogs through the dog shelters so that they can justify the funds spent each month from the budget.  While we investigate these cases and collect evidence, information by itself does not mean anything. Many people know about these cases but, as usual, no one wants to be involved in the organized crime of the country which perpetrates such treatment of animals.   

What about all these “invisible” let’s say “shelters” ? They do not have a voice and they are not of interest to anyone.

Our plan for Journalists for Animals is to visit the worst places where animals are beaten to death or live miserable lives. We want the world to become familiar with this problem. The plan is for  reporting from all over Bosnia.

In Colombia we have read that during two years of investigation, an association for the protection and welfare of animals secretly filmed torture of animals in circuses and exposed this treatment. Thanks to this association Colombia banned the keeping of animals in circuses. After reading this I wanted to do something similar in Bosnia.

If you would like to support this project, which will not immediately have results, We are ready every moment of our time to devote to fighting for the rights of those who suffer the most.

If you want, contact us at journalistsforanimals@gmail.com for more information on how to support our mission. We am grateful to you anyway, even if the answer is a negative.

If you can help support our campaign, you can donate here or via PayPal to journalistsforanimals@gmail.com.