Floods, nana and her cake

Yesterday we visited Olovo. If I had to describe what we saw there in one word that word would surely be sorrow. Along with us, a Red Cross vehicle also headed for Olovo. When we came to town we were surrounded by a sad atmosphere, of people ejecting water from their cellers, cleaning their flooded houses and apartments, lacking in food and water, hoping things will get better, and thanking us for coming by to ask how they were doing.

After Olovo we headed for Zavidovici. We passed trough the flooded villages of Bogdanovici, Krizevici, Solun, Kamenito. “Andjeo Sarajevo” activists gave away animal food, for those who had nothing left to feed their pets. We could not reach the Rjecica village as it was too dangerous, even in a terrain vehicle to cross the Krivaja river. The locals say that the situation is desperate. They say that the villagers there fled their homes, and left for the forests. They are in need of the most basic provisions.

As we were returning to Sarajevo we saw an older man by the road. We stopped to ask if he needed some help. He told us with tears in his eyes that he was waiting for a friend to build a wall because his huose was about to crumble. We could not stop the tears in our eyes.

“If I had a weapon I would have killed myself today. And its all the politicians’ fault! I would like to put them all in this house, Lagumdjija, Covic, Radoncic, all of them…. I have nothing but this house, my son…. And granny is sick….” said this man in tears.

We pulled over. Grandad’s face full of tears! I ask him if there is anything we can do. He tells us his wife is sick, he has wonderful sons, a Polish daughter in law…. We start talking….. Then, his wife spots us, she tells us they have no water, but the man went to the store and bouhgt some juice, and she made home made pasteries. Both the man and the granny told us we could not go until we had some pasteries. And so we sat in front of this house on a landslide, somewhere by the road from Olovo to Zavidovici. Granny serves the pasteries and juice, while the man spoke against the government, and kept saying that Tito was in the right.

The “Andjeo Sarajevo” activists left them a bag of dog and cat food and some canned food. Granny told us that their dog was their greatest treasure and we did a great thing by bringing them food for him. She says that the first night, when the house flooded, the first thing she did was to save the dog and the goatlings.

“They were all with me. I would have died if I didn’t have that little lamb to cuddle trough the night” said granny with tearful eyes.

And so, a story of and older couple remains, a couple trapped in a middle of nowhere, with no idea if their house will crumble that night, and their backyard flooded with water. They say they still have hope. But they don’t let unknown guest leave their home until they have had some cake and juice first.

That is the Bosnia that I am in love with.



3 thoughts on “Floods, nana and her cake

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    Another story from Journalists for Animals – on the trip to Olovo on the 17th. Please read…

    We are sending funds to the organisation ‘Angel’ (Andjeo Sarajevo) and to Journalists for Animals to continue their work and several other organisations involved in the emergency work. If you can help please go to our YouCaring Fundraiser. Any amount will help, money is needed for dog and cat food, petrol, veterinary costs, car hire…

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