Lone Wolf in search of forever love and lair

Stories of the Bosnian dogs are sad…

Born on the street, if they are lucky enough not to be poisoned or killed then they spend their short life alone wandering. They are hungry, often frozen and rarely ever petted.

There is a higher probability that they will get hit then to ever receive even one look not filled with hatred.

Wolf is just one of those dogs. Abandoned, Wolf wanders through the streets of a small village near a tiny Bosnian town.

One of the volunteers, who have been helping since the floods started, took a photo of him. On his FB profile he wrote he fell in love with Wolf on the spot. He would like to find him a safe home.

A few pieces of bread every now and then and constant fear of people is all this dog has.

If someone is willing to help Wolf then please contact: https://www.facebook.com/samuraispirit1984?fref=ts









One thought on “Lone Wolf in search of forever love and lair

  1. I would love to give him a very loving home,but have no way to get him to Iowa. He would be very much loved,i have no children so that would not be a problem for him or any other dog.

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