Mum & pups in desperate need of help


May floods in Bosnia were horrible. Once the roads cleared, Arijana and me answered the invitations of our friends from Tuzla and headed for Orasje and Bosanski Samac.

We are in a car, parked just outside of Orasje. Looking at convoys of humanitarian aid passing by us, we wonder if it is really happening. In our car, a single wet puppy that we found in Brcko and just couldn’t leave behind is sitting still. The lady in the bakery have us meat pie instead of potato pie and without looking at it we thank the lady working at the bakery in Srebrenik and head for Orasje, to get there in time.

We look at the puppy biting the bag with meat pie… We look at it cheerfully biting down the pieces of meat and as our eyes meet it happily wiggles its tail.


I order coffee at the nearby coffee shop, “two coffees”-I say. I feel the waiter watching me longer then he should. I want to ask him what is happening in Posavina, but I just bite my tongue instead. I wait for my coffee. I watch the faces of sad and frightened people. I pay for our coffees and leave. I briefly say “thanks”. I wanted to ask all kinds of questions, but I just couldn’t find the strength.

A strange atmosphere fills the air as we drink our coffee. A car parks next doors. Caki!

“I knew I would fin you two here!”-says Caki as he hugs us both. Tears fill my eyes. Caki’s here! I was sure that he was the only one from Sarajevo who would come. That’s the kind of man he is!


“I must show you a video. We are passing through Zivinice. So sad! You must see this bitch and her pups”-says Caki as he shows us a bitch with 15 pups. They are surrounded by piles of trash, hungry, wet and dirty. Caki says he gave them food, but doesn’t know what to do with them.

We look at the clip…. So sad.

“Can you get them to Sarajevo on your way back? I will call the pension and make the arrangements. Jelena and me must go to Gradiska to bring food that our Slovenian friends sent.”-says Arijana.

“I knew you would help! Of course you would take them to the pension” Caki answers with a smile on his face.

After we spent two days in Bosanski Samac and its surroundings, Caki heads for Sarajevo through Zivinice and Arijana and me head for Gradiska.

“I barely caught them all. I’m taking them to Sarajevo”-Caki reports cheerfully as we take the curvy road to Gradiska.

The rescued pup plays cheerfully in the back seat, the sun burns us, we are low on water, and no gas station in sight. Still, the two of us drive on with smiles on our faces. Arijana just sporadically tells me to remind her to never take that road again.

In Gradiska we get to the “SOS Šapice” (claws) shelter. We are met by lady Vesna and she asks us if we are alive as we pass the gate. “Barely” I say honestly with a smile on my face. We load up the food, thank her and head for a five hour drive to Sarajevo.

As I answer the messages and write my stories, Arijana starts to realize the problem she got herself into. When you save an animal at first you are happy, content, and feel great, but just hour later the problems start to show their ugly heads. How do I pay the bills?How do I find homes for the pups or kittens? How can I be interesting enough on the social networks to get the people to donate money for it?


The worst thing that happens, just a month after you save the animal (which is the period it takes for the donators to lose interest!) is a phone call. Just a simple phone call! “You owe 50, 500 or 5 000 Euros, we are just letting you know” – the pension owner tells you. After these calls, we activists usually go to coffee to whine to each others.

In the meantime, the poor puppies spend their careless days in the pension. The look forward to each day when they are not hungry, thirsty or sick… when someone pets them… That is how this little dog family feels now. If they could speak, they would surely tell Arijana that they owe her their lives and they love her a lot.


In the meantime, Arijana’s debts increase. The dogs need food, shelter, vaccines… In the midst of problems, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. A lady contacts us and tells us that she will take the whole dog family for temporary accommodations in Denmark.

“I can’t tell you how happy I am”-says Arijana after reading the message. Moments later, with a sad face, she tells me “I will kill myself! I just couldn’t leave them… But how do I get the money now! I already owe money to Miralem…”.

There were no floods in Bosnia since the May terrors. People from abroad still consider it a priority to send money and food for the now devastated parts of the country. It seems that some dogs and some people simply didn’t have enough luck to get flooded.

The numerous dog family was also “unlucky”, and did not het flooded. One bitch gave birth to pups beside the road to Zivinice. She was hungry, her days and nights were long, as she desperately tried to get enough water and food to produce some milk for her young.

As she spends her happy days with her numerous children in the beautiful pension, she has started to dream the beautiful dreams of Danmark. She dreams of the armchair she will sleep in. Her little muzzle turns happy as she dreams of her children in their new home.

In the meantime the costs of this operation fall on Arijana.

If you would like to help the poor dog family saved from the trash near Zivinice-the PayPal account is If they could speak, the dogs would thank you for saving their lives for every cent you donate.



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Stage victory for FOUR PAWS: Application norms of the killing law suspended

ImageOriginally posted on:

A stage victory for FOUR PAWS! Bucharest Court of Appeal ruled in favor of the international animal welfare organization FOUR PAWS and suspended the application norms of the killing law. With immediate effect in Romania, the killing law has no applicable norms and the capture and killing of stray dogs has no legal framework anymore. Starting in January 2014, FOUR PAWS challenged the methodological norms and stated that there are several aspects therein that contradict laws of higher force.

FOUR PAWS confident for humane solution

“The Court’s decision to suspend the killing norms is a clear, independent signal that things do not work so far with the new killing law”, says Gabriel Paun, Director of Campaigns at FOUR PAWS. “It brings us confidence in our goal to bring about a change from an emotional to a rational way to manage the stray dogs humanely.”

Norms contradict laws of higher force

The killing law came into force in October 2013, the methodology to be applied to the killing followed in December 2013. Soon after the mass killing started. Many thousands of stray dogs have been killed. Many application norms contradict laws of higher force. For example, according to this methodology, the local authorities could delegate the management of the stray dogs to any private company. This may open the floodgates to conflict of interests and haemorrhaging public funds”, explains Paun. “Another example: public access to shelters was restricted, and consequently the adoptions were largely restricted.”

FOUR PAWS claims new legal framework for dogs

In the past few years, FOUR PAWS has focused on the main source of stray dogs: their reproduction. “With the financial support of our donors we have sterilised over 100,00 strass in Romania, which we are very grateful for”, stresses Paun. “However, our efforts will only bring safe streets and welfare for the dog if we are backed up by a rational law.”


Kill and slaughter until the dog is no more

ImageHow can a shelter that only has, believe it or not 18 stalls, take care of the problem of thousands upon thousands of Federal and Republic of Srpska dogs?

Author: Predrag Blagovčanin

Originally posted on:

“I heard great noise, and came out to see what was happening. What I saw was horrible: Hresa shelter employees and two employees of the Logavina local community had broken into the back yard of the “Mula Mustafa Baseskija” Elementary school, forced some dogs into the yard, and one of them was pulling a dog up the stairs by a noose. On the top of the stairs, secretary of the Local community “Logavina”, Nermin Dzino, was waiting. He was beating the dogs with a metal stick. Bloody dogs were put into cages and then into a vehicle”.

That was the testimony of Alma Tefterdija, who witnessed Bosnian vision of the implementation of the Animal welfare and protection act on June 9th 2014 on Toroman’s street in Sarajevo. Since she accidentally found herself in the back yard of the Mula Mustafa Baseskija Elementary that day, and dared to stand up to the people who were beating dogs with metal sticks, Sarajevo Canton PD issued a misdemeanor notification against Alma Tefterdija for public disturbance.

In other words, Alma Tefterdija wil have to eventually pay a fee of 500 KM to Sarajevo Canton for trying to prevent the violations of the Animal welfare and protection act, which clearly defines the way in which animals are to be transported to the adequately furnished shelter.

It just so happens that Alma Tefterdija loves animals, she loves kittens and puppies, but this is irrelevant to the story.
It is absolutely irrelevant if u happen to love animals, or despise them, perhaps you are afraid of various Shih Tzus, Pit Bulls, Chiuauas, poodles, or the original Bosnian mongrels. The whole discussion surrounding the stray dogs is not a matter of love or hate to these four legged fluffy creatures. On the contrary, the problem of stray dogs in Sarajevo and the rest of Bosnia and Herzegovina is strictly a matter of the implementation of the laws of this country.

For those who are not aware of the stray dogs problem in Sarajevo and other Bosnian cities, we shall try to inform them with this “alarming” situation.

The parliamentary congress of Bosnia and Herzegovina voted into power the Animal welfare and protection act, which eliminated the prior practice of capturing and killing dogs. This law absolutely regulates every aspect of human responsibility in the protection and welfare of animals in the sense of keeping, housing, feeding, protection from torture, transport, the regard of animals and sanctions against the law’s offenders, and the law gave local authorities mandatory instructions to create adequate shelters for stray animals.

How our local communities implemented the law is best shown by the fact that there is no information on the number of stray dogs in the streets of Sarajevo. The unofficial data says several thousand, who are inevitably a threat to the citizens of Sarajevo.
Without getting into discussions on whether local communities have enough material, human and financial resources to enforce this law, it is perfectly clear that they have been knowingly breaking the laws of this country for six years.
If you do not believe this, or find it impossible that the institutions who are obliged to carry out the laws have been disobeying it for six years, it will be sufficient to walk down the street from Bascarsija to Ilidza. The sight of packs of stray dogs roaming the streets will make you believe that in this city anything is possible.

How determined the local authorities are to solve this problem and protect its citizens from the “wild, irrepressible and bloodthirsty beasts” Is best seen in the speeches by the mayor of the Sarajevo municipality of Stari Grad Ibrahim Hadzibajric.
Since the problem of stray dogs exists in the entire Bosnia and Herzegovina and considering that the “stupid dogs” do not understand the entity borders, mayor Hadzibajric has signed a contract for the cooperation between the Stari Grad municipality and “Glog” ltd from Istocno Sarajevo who own the Hresa shelter.

“Glog” ltd who are ran by Slavisa Jovcic are apparently doing a great job “housing” the dogs in Hresa since the shelter not only has a contract with the Stari grad municipality, but also with the municipalities of Pale, Sokolac, Milci, Vlasenica, Srebrenica and the municipalities from Istocno Sarajevo.

The question is: How does a shelter that has, believe it or not, 18 stalls, solve the problems of thousands upon thousands of Federal and Republic of Srpska dogs?

Very easily.

As we would say, through orderly documentation.

Since Republic of Srpska has the first version of the Animal welfare and protection law in power, which allows for humane euthanasia of animals who are not adopted within 30 days of reaching the shelter.

You will no doubt ask how the process of humane euthanasia, which mayor Hadzibajric pays 58 KM per dog looks in this shelter whose work cost the Congress of Istocno Sarajevo 130 000 KM of budget money.

According to testimonies of the animal welfare organizations who visited Hresa, dogs in the 18 stalls are starved, covered with water in sub zero temperatures, left without water for days, and the pups are humanely euthanized with clubs. As you can see, every problem has a solution, especially when the solution is animated by the adequate veterinary inspector and if there is orderly documentation since the laws of this country must be obeyed.

Alma Tefterdija will have to pay 500 KM fee for trying to save three dogs, don’t be as naive as her.
Get ready and leave your homes. By all means if you see one of the many stray dogs of Sarajevo, break its spine with a metal stick, shank it with a knife, rape it with an umbrella, stick a firecracker in its snout, poison its food, there is a good chance that one of the mayors will pay you 58 KM, and if you truly do a good job, the City of Sarajevo may very well award you the April 6th award, as a deserving citizen.

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Bosnia: Floods and what comes next



Written by: Jelena Paunović

May floods, that flooded most of Balkans, can be split into four phases. First was the state of shock, when people were in disbelief, and we all followed the new with amazement.

The second phase, when the water retreated a little, saw many people go to to flooded areas to help the unfortunate people. Our field team spent about a month in the field. We met many wonderful people, heard their sad life stories, and did what we could for them

When it comes to saving animals, volunteers from Sarajevo, Zenica and Banja Luka joined the good people of Tuzla and Odzak and did an amazing job.

As I write this I am not sure if the whole thing happened, or if it was just a poorle directed horror movie. Everything seems so distant, and yet, it seems as if it happened yesterday.


Bosanski Šamac

Our poor animals

Bosnian food production company donated 800 kg to the “Life” association for the dogs. We gave it away to people who take care of animals from Zavidovici to Bosanski Samac. Later some good people from Slovenia contacted us. They too donated 800 kg of food. Thanks to a donation from our Dutch friends, we met wonderful young people gathered around the “Eden” association from Bijeljina.

Image“Eden”, Bijeljina

I was on the road for a month. I am not sure if I could write down in a chronological order where I spent which day. We all wanted to do as much as we could, and make the lives of unfortunate people and dogs as bareble as possible.

I don’t know if you ever say a dehydrated dog laying on a boat in the middle of mud and water. It is an awful sight! Those poor puppy eyes looking at you, and poor dog barely breathing in fatigue, its poor body barely dragging through the mud, but still waving its tail when you open a can for it.

On the other side, you see people burning down everything the acquired since the war. Memories and hard earned furniture disappearing in a cloud of smoke. Still, they say they are lucky to be alive.

A drained out kitten spooling beneath our feet. Twisting around our legs, it begs for some care and food. She too is happy to have survived.

Can you believe it, we actually have some institutions

Our supervisors contacted us later to say a few words. I will not repeat their political speeches. My colleague best described what the Government of Republika Srpsa will do to help the flooded areas:

1. Poor should help the poor (We are the poorest country in Europe and it is insane that aditional taxes will be taken from the smallest possible pensions.)

2. Put the poor in deeper debt.

In the bigger entity of FBiH the budget deficit has reached nearly 350 million Euros, while in the RS the deficit amounts to 80 million Euros. Further debt will not mean that the money will be put toward investment activities, that would create new value and new work places. That would in turn increase our development potential. Instead the money ended up as personal spending money for the population, or public spending money for all levels of government.

That the state of affairs is not as harmless as our politicians would have us believe, you can discover by reading the prestigious British publication “The Economist”, which put Bosnia and Herzegovina on the list of countries with high risk of social unrest in the year that we are well into. The past events have proved The Economist is not to be underestimated or their claims cast away. A big problem, however, will be the additional burden of the recent record loans on the entity budgets. According to the current data both entities have to return over 650 million Euros of new debt. We must also mention that the overall debt of the bigger Bosnian entity has crossed 2.5 billion Euros, while the other entity’s debt is over 2.4 billion Euros as I write this.


We went to Maglaj. We walked through the thick dust with masks on our faces. As we walk we meet students dressed in protective suits. 800 kg of dog food sits in our car. We ask if they have dogs. We meet people from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina! As we offer our hands to each others we say we are from Sarajevo, and weird sense of dread fills our bodies. Yes, yes! We are all here! Some of us are giving away food for animals and people, others are cleaning the mud from the flooded houses, others still unloading the truck. I look at my Facebook and see that activists from Sarajevo are on their way to Maglaj. I like the post. I am thrilled.

“I am from Zenica. Join me, I’ll show ya where there are more dogs.” – a girl says with a pleasant voice.

As we unhand the bag of food, a house owner on Bosna river who has a dog thanks us greatly.

Tears forming in our eyes, but I feel pride to be Bosnian, to be a part of this wonderful Bosnia that I love so much.

I must remember my colleague’s sentence. He has a web site where you can always read something against the state (like: politicians did this or that, or they didn’t). I meet him last summer and ask him openly: “Why do you keep writing against the state?” He answers: “Jelena, I do this mostly for the state, but we don’t have a state”. That left me thinking.

This is exactly what I felt as I watched these people, remembering everything I have ever written. Oh yes! There is no state!

What next?

Volunteers came and left. The football World Cup started, and Vedad Ibisevic scored the historic goal for BiH against Argentina.

A friend of mine writes: “A warm feeling in my heart, as Sarajevo resounds with songs.”

And so starts phase four. New news replaces the old, and the deserted fields, unfortunate people and poor animals are left to wait. No one knows for what. Still relentlessly on the road, day after day, Elvir Karalic from the “Pomozi” association spends his days. He keeps organizing and sending help to those most in need daily.

On the other hand, an acquaintance from Maglaj tells me that it is time for people to stop counting on humanitarian help and start creating for themselves again. He also says they don’t know what to do for construction materials, since the town budget is empty.

During the floods we also visited Travnik. An activist from Travnik tells us that the dogs would not have eaten had we not come to give them the food people from Slovenia sent. She says everything is going to those who were flooded, and Travnik was not “fortunate” enough to be flooded. It rained in Travnik for days creating many landslides.

ImageAnela Elkazević, Travnik

Our friends from Bijeljina were also feeling forgotten when we visited them. I got a message from Cazin saying they are desperate. They have no food, and no floods….

Perhaps the fourth phase of lull came for both the flooded and those who were not. Somewhere in Europe, in a land of Bosnia.

We are no longer the breaking news, and we must keep pushing forward. What shall we do, along with our animals, seems unknown even to the forces above us….

And what with Sarajevo?

I believe you have read how our municipal authorities in collaboration with the local swindlers are beating the dogs. You must also be familiar with the fact that the illegal Hygiene service in Novi Grad municipality in Sarajevo has been savagely killing off dogs for over a year. Reports were written, texts appeared describing their monstrous treatment of the dogs on a few portals that are not wearing political colors, and are interested in getting the truth through.

In most of Bosnia and Herzegovina, for no justifiable reason, the Animal welfare and protection act is not being carried out. The land is sodden with blood and mines spread across it, thanks to the butchers. Clearly as long as the inspections keep sleeping, blood is inevitable.

On the other hand, no matter what you read in the local media or on FB, there are few who report the breaking of this Act. They mostly don’t want to make their cousins, neighbors or brothers who are in one of the leading political parties mad.

In the meantime, rivers of innocent dog blood are flowing. It does not matter that our authorities are incompetent. It seems we have the hardest time with ourselves.

And what next? Well, the governments will decide. Perhaps we can get some more aid from abroad…. We were always good at finding excuses. “I can’t have them calling me out” is our life motto.

And everyone wants Sarajevo to serve as an example for others. Perhaps it will. Some day when we are all better people. Less selfish… and if we wake the inspections from their slumber. …

P.S. There are still parts in Bosnia where no one who loves dogs has set foot, or written a single word on. If you wish to help our work, donate! What is not published, as you know, may as well have never happened.

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Žile will ride his bicycle for as many kilometers as you buy


They are (71) and Milena, father and daughter from Switzerland, descending from Pozarevac. Tomorrow they go on a 6500 km long bike trip around Europe, to raise funds for the endangered animals in Balkans. Meet “bikers in a barge”.

They starting point is in Seville (Spain), on June 17th 2014. After 91 days of riding, and 6500 km crossed across the Euro Velo route, biking fanatics will reach their destination, Athens (Greece). What they are looking forward to are the additional kilometers they will cross due to inevitably getting lost and finding the right way, as well as the standard father-daughter “misunderstandings” especially when it comes to finding short cuts. Longest path they crossed so fa is Euro Velo 6, which is 4500 km long, from Atlantic Ocean to the Black Sea. They were following five European rivers, that “led” them through 8 countries. Despite flat tires, falling into the river, inability to communicate in foreign languages and sunstroke, they made it and now they are aiming for new victories.

Hit by the recent floods that hit our, but also the surrounding countries Žile and Milena are conductiong a fund raiser for the organization that help endangered animals in Balkans, by crossing every kilometer that is bought by the interested and compassionate audience that will follow them on the said adventure. You can donate directly on the sites of three non profit organizations that take care of animals in Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia, and their names are mentioned on the FB page, or simply write that you wish to pay for their path from Barcelona to Palomas, and name the organization that you would like to give your money to. In return, you will get a present, a picture by Mateo Sikas. The money is certainly welcome, but food is also needed.

Here are the names of the associations: Association “Action Animals”, Serbia “Animal Welfare Advocates for Bosnia”, Bosnia-Hercegovina tbd, Croatia

Final preparations are ongoing, and Žile and Milena are starting the countdown of kilometers crossed. Follow their FB page, where they are regularly posting information on this action, so you will be informed of the adventures of these “Bikers on a barge”.

Criminal Organization: Hygiene Service P. E. “Lokom” Novi Grad Sarajevo


On day of February 28 2014, Mrs. Kanevcev Nives, head attorney for Attorney’s Office of Canton Sarajevo, received a criminal complaint against: Efendic Semir, Mayor of Municipality Novi Grad Sarajevo, Smajic Muhamed, former manager of Public Enterprise for Managing, Protecting and Maintaining Facilities owned by Municipality Novi Grad Sarajevo “Lokum” Ltd. Sarajevo, Durakovic Ramiz, newly appointed Manager of Public Enterprise for Managing, Protecting and Maintaining Facilities owned by Municipality Novi Grad Sarajevo “Lokum” Ltd. Sarajevo, Sukalo Amil, acting manager of Public Enterprise for Managing, Protecting and Maintaining Facilities owned by Municipality Novi Grad Sarajevo “Lokum” Ltd. Sarajevo, Mrkulic Mustafa, D.V.M – veterinarian in Public Enterprise Veterinarian Station “Stup”, Kazazovic Jasmin, D.V.M. – Manager of Canton’s Public Enterpise “Veterinarian Station” L.t.d., Ismo Edin, worker – dog-catcher in “hygiene service” P. E. Lokom, several unknown persons – dog-catchers working with P.E. “Lokom” L.t.d. Novi Grad Sarajevo. In addition to the criminal complaint, a number of material evidence was presented, including documents, photographs, video recordings and names of eye witnesses confirming the allegations stated in the criminal complaint.

Excerpt from the criminal complaint:

Public enterprise for managing, protecting and maintaining facilities, “Lokum” Ltd. Sarajevo, is a legal entity owned by Municipality Novi Grad and is documented in the court registry under the registration number 65 – 01 – 1535 – 09.

On May 30 2013, as a component of P. E. “Lokum,” the “hygiene service” started its operation. In accordance with regulations of Article 29 (Hygiene Service) of the Animal Protection and Welfare Act of B&H, hygiene service’s function is to have its employees gather abandoned and lost animals in a manner that causes them the least amount of pain and suffering, and hand them over to animal shelters. In Federation B&H, an official operational code for hygiene services does not exist, which is clear from the current court registry brief for P. E. “Lokum”, demonstrating that P. E. “Lokum” is not registered to perform activities of hygiene service.

Establishment of the so-called hygiene service as a part of P. E. “Lokom” was done under the initiative and patronage of the primary-accused Efendic Semir, Mayor of the Municipality Novi Grad Sarajevo, who is also the founder of P. E. “Lokom”.

Management and supervision of “hygiene service” operations within P. E. “Lokom” was performed by the secondary-accused, former Manager of P. E. “Lokom,” Smajic Muhamed, and third-accused, newly appointed Manager of P. E. “Lokom,” Durakovic Ramiz, and fourth-accused Sukamlo Amil, acting Manager of P. E. “Lokom”, who also performed financial control and financing of the “hygiene service” operations.

The budget for 2013 of Municipality Novi Grad included a planned transfer under ec, code 614400 for P.E. “Lokom” in the amount of 300,000 KM. These funds are planned for, in part, financing “hygiene service” operations (around 30,000 KM). Considering P. E. “Lokom” is not registered to perform the activities of hygiene service, it is clear that budget funds are allocated for paying fictitious activities and that this is a question of criminal activity of embezzlement committed in public office and the abuse of office.

The purpose of hygiene service is to have its employees gather abandoned and lost animals in a manner that causes the animals the least amount of pain and suffering, and hand them over to animal shelters (there are no legally established and regulated animal shelters in Canton Sarajevo). Hygiene service was formed with the goal of caring for abandoned animals, and not house pets (Article 29 Hygiene Service of the Animal Protection and Welfare Act). House pets belong to the category of animals that have owners and are in possession of their owners. Abandoned animals have no owners and municipalities have legal responsibility to take care of them; from this follows that the difference in activities between taking care for house pets and abandoned animals is an essential one, because all transportation and housing services for house pets are paid for by their owners, while transportation and housing services for abandoned animals are paid for by the public budget funds.

Also, on November 25, 2013, under the F B&H Freedom of Access to Information Act, I requested from the General Management and Municipality Services for Economy, Finances and Inspections of Municipality Novi Grad to provide me with the following documents and information:

1) Budget of Municipality Novi Grad Sarajevo for the year 2013
2) Report on implementation of the Municipality Novi Grad Sarajevo budget for 2013
3) Information on whether the Municipality Novi Grad has issued a work permit for “hygiene service” of P. E. “Lokum” Novi Grad and, and if so, to provide a copy of the permit
4) Invoices delivered by the time of reception of this request to Municipality Novi Grad by P. E. “Lokom” Novi Grad for financing the needs of “hygiene service”.

I received an answer dated January 6th 2014 and sent on January 8th, stating that the budget of Municipality Novi Grad can be found in the Gazette of Canton Sarajevo, and that I should contact P. E. “Lokom” Novi Grad Sarajevo regarding the work permit and invoices delivered to Municipality Novi Grad for the purposes of funding the “hygiene service”. By breaking the Freedom of Access to Information Act of F B&H and refusing to provide requested information, Municipality services have clearly demonstrated that they are hiding the requested documents (Our suspicion that they do not have the requested documents, especially the work permit for hygiene service, has been justified). (A copy of their response has been submitted as evidence).

Since the “hygiene service” under P. E. “Lokom” was founded, the mentioned “hygiene service” has failed to meet the criteria prescribed by the Animal Protection and Welfare Act B&H or stipulations of the Rulebook on the Establishment and Regulations for hygiene services in B&H. Primarily, “hygiene service” does not have a work permit, a required document, prescribed by the Legal Entities Act of F B&H. Financing of this illegal “creation and its operation” is financed from the budget funds – tax payers’ money.

Since the day of foundation of “hygiene service” as a part of P. E. “Lokom,” there have been many irregularities in the operation of “hygiene service” indicating that the hygiene service serves as a front for extracting budget funds. Illegal activities can be seen by the fact that abandoned animals caught by the “hygiene service” workers have been disappearing under suspicious circumstances, and the hygiene service is catching abandoned dogs without any order and it acts based on citizen reports for which they have neither legal foundation or required capacity to undertake such activities. Based on statements by the hygiene service workers, dogs are taken to the abandoned animal shelter in Gladno Polje or to Canton’s Public Enterprise “Veterinary Station” – infirmary ‘Stup.’ The fact is that a certain number of dogs are being taken to ‘abandoned animals shelter’ in Gladno Polje, which is also operating illegally and whose work and financing will be the subject of another criminal complaint. The number of dogs brought to the ‘Gladno Polje’ shelter by the hygiene services workers is minuscule, while it is estimated that hundreds of abandoned dogs have disappeared from the city of Sarajevo since the the hygiene service of P. E. “Lokom” was established, and because the “hygiene service” operates outside of the boundaries of Municipality Novi Grad Sarajevo. Furthermore, workers of “hygiene service” have not been taking dogs to the “shelter” in Gladno Polje since January 1st 2014.

P. E. “Lokom” is also failing to provide reports based on their records of the number of abandoned dogs that are caught which they are legally required to track. Based on the stated situation and a great number of abandoned dogs that have gone missing were last seen being caught by the “hygiene service” workers of P. E. “Lokom”, there is a reasonable doubt that criminal activity of Torturing and Killing Animals (Article 318, Item 2 of Penal Law of F B&H) is being conducted. Sukalo Amil, Acting Manager of P. E. “Lokom” Novi Grad had repeatedly confirmed to the media that “hygiene service” was performing “cleaning of the area” from abandoned dogs and that many of them are being taken to Canton’s Public Enterprise “Veterinarian Station” – infirmary “Stup” for veterinarian processing. (Texts from the media can be found in the attachment of the criminal complaint). Majority of dogs that have disappeared from the area of Municipality of Novi Grad Sarajevo and other Sarajevo’s municipalities since the formation of “hygiene service” had previously been processed by veterinarians (castrated / sterilized, vaccinated and marked with numbers). According to my findings, Mrkulic Mustafa, veterinarian work for the veterinarian station “Stup” performs illegal euthanasia of abandoned animals – kills abandoned animals for his personal gain. Since euthanasia of abandoned animals without medical cause established by an authorized official veterinarian represents murder of an animal with intent, and in order to make financial gain, Mrkulic Mustafa has been repeatedly in violation of Act 318 Item 2 (Torturing and Killing Animals) of Penal Law of F B&H. Mrkulic Mustafa, as a guest in a talk-show “Zabranjeni forum”, aired on TV “Pink” B&H on December 12th 2013 at 22:00 h, admitted that he cooperates with hygiene service P. E. “Lokom” Novi Grad and that he continues to perform euthanasia of dogs.

In the period since formation of “hygiene service” until today, during which a great number of abandoned dogs have disappeared, invoices for provided services are being sent to the Municipality Novi Grad. Also, hygiene service P. E. “Lokom” has expanded its operation to other municipalities of City Sarajevo. Edin, Ismo and an unknown person are catching and taking dogs away in vehicles model Skoda (license plate number E83 – E – 276) and Mazda (license plate number T82 – O – 623)

When reporting different criminal activities citizens have repeatedly been met by clear obstructions from police officers, and especially police officers employed by Police Station Novi Grad Sarajevo. On these occasions police officers refused to come to the scene and determine circumstance of the events, make official record and a standardized police report, call official authorized persons from the Criminal Police, notify an attorney on duty, hence they violated a series of F B&H Penal Law regulations, Official Authorized Personnel of MIA (Ministry of Internal Affairs) CS Conduct Rulebook, Disciplinary Responsibility of Members of MIA CS Rulebook.

The pattern of criminal activity is clear here: “hygiene service” of P. E. “Lokom” catches abandoned dogs and then takes them to be killed in C. P. E. “Veterinary Station” – infirmary “Stup”. P. E. “Lokom”, which is financed from the budget of Municipality Novo Sarajevo invoices catching of abandoned dogs through formally and legally non-existent hygiene service, and C. P. E. “Veterinary Station” invoices non-existent veterinary processing (in the meantime, dogs are not being processed by a veterinarian, but killed). All illegal activities are followed and documented, and signed by the primary accused, secondary accused, third accused, fifth accused, sixth accused, while Ismo Edin and seventh accused provide “logistic support”. Budget funds paid for financing illegal activities cannot be shown in financial documents, since the foundation for its payment is illegal activity, which clearly indicates that persons named as perpetrators of criminal activities in this complaint use the budget funds for their own, personal goals.

Since “hygiene service” still operates on the major part of Canton Sarajevo’s territory, in this way I demand answers to the following:

1. Why hasn’t Attorney’s Office of Canton Sarajevo performed activities prescribed by the Penal Law of F B&H that would result in prevention of further killings of abandoned animals and stealing of budget funds, e.g. result in prevention of prolonged perpetration of criminal activity?
2. Why didn’t Police Commissary of Canton Sarajevo and the Minister of Internal Affairs of Canton Sarajevo react to letters about evident complicity of police officers (for which there is material evidence) with reported persons and clear obstruction of all police stations in City Sarajevo to document citizens’ allegations about organized crime?
3. Why hasn’t Inga Dujmovic, State Inspector for Animal Welfare in the Veterinary Office of B&H responded to any inquires about why she had not acted in accordance with regulations of the Animal Protection and Welfare Act of B&H and checked the allegations from the reports about cruelties and operation of “hygiene service”?
4. Why Ljubomir Kalaba, Head of Veterinary Office in B&H, does not answer to inquiries about not respecting the laws by the inspectors of the Veterinary Office.
5. Why do councilmen in the Municipality Council of Novi Grad Sarajevo keep quiet about organized crime conducted under disguise of “hygiene service”?
6. Why Ivo Komsic, Mayor of Sarajevo, does not react to evident criminal activities conducted under disguise of “hygiene service”?
7. Why do the media keep quiet about the crimes conducted through the “hygiene service”?
Citizens need to know that any form of helping the “workers of hygiene service” represents complicity in series of criminal activities and that criminal complaint will be filed against any citizen helping and encouraging illegal catching of dogs.

“If more persons perform a criminal activity together, by participating in perpetration of the criminal activity or doing anything else which helps in decisive way the perpetration of criminal activity, each of them will be punished by the penalty prescribed by law for this criminal activity.” (Act 31 – Accomplice; Penal Law of F B&H)

All new evidence will be delivered to the Cantonal Attorney’s Office of Canton Sarajevo and Federal Police Directive and I expect that actions prescribed by the Penal Law of F B&H will be taken. As long as the passivity of persecution authorities lasts, the budget money will keep disappearing together with abandoned dogs.

I also emphasize that every child and every citizen who have suffered anguish due to witnessing cruelty on abandoned dogs performed on daily basis by workers of the hygiene service, has the right to sue the Municipality Novi Grad Sarajevo, P. E. “Lokom”, Municipality Novi Grad Sarajevo Mayor and the Manager of P. E. “Lokom” L.t.d. as well as the authorized persecution bodies who, by not performing the actions prescribed by law, are contributing to creating the atmosphere that citizens of B&H live in someone’s backyard, where oligarchy does what and how it pleases.

If you would like to help Journalists for Animals in their work in documenting what is happening for animals in Bosnia Herzegovina, or to assist in any particular rescue effort or case, please go to PAYPAL and make a donation to:

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Thank you so much “SDB”

The Association for protection and welfare of animals “Život BiH” received donation from “Stichting Dierenopvang Bosnie” Association from Netherlands, to buy dog food for dogs from floods area.

Over 300 kg of dog food was delivered to activists who are taking care of strays in Bosanski Šamac, Bijeljina and Tuzla.

Part of donation was used to buy vaccines for dogs in small shelter in Bijeljina. Activists from Bijeljina said that it was easier to buy dog food than to buy vaccine. They have space to save more strays from Bijeljina streets, but before the dogs come to shelter they need to receive vaccine. “SDB” helped them save this dogs from the street.

“Život BiH” is very grateful for this generous donations












If you would like to help Journalists for Animals in their work in documenting what is happening for animals in Bosnia Herzegovina, or to assist in any particular rescue effort or case, please go to PAYPAL and make a donation to:

Please mark in the donation if your donation is for a particular animal or cause.

And also, once you have made your donation, please ensure that you ‘view transaction details’ (or click on the link ‘details’ beside your donation, or click on the ‘Confirm Receipt’ button if it is there), and click ‘confirm receipt’ otherwise the funds are not able to be used for several weeks. Thank you!



Diamond needs help

The story of the dog called Diamond is a very sad one. Image “Diamond was taken into the “King” pension some ten days ago. He had a budge across his spine. He does not feel any stimulants in his back paws and he is completely paralyzed from the waist down. The RTG this morning showed multiple foreign bodies across the spine, and one of them is a clearly visible bullet from an air gun. The other group of “something” that got under the spine, can not be definet as bullets, but it could be a different fire arm, with light led bullets (small caliber gun or pistol), that shattered into multiple fragments inside the body.” This was written on the official Pension webpage after the unfortunate dog was found by activists in an abandoned field near Sarajevo. He had no chance of treatment in Bosnia. Activist Arijana Arifović took him to a specialist clinic in Belgrade, hoping that he could be treated. “Every living being has a right to live. Even the smallest chance to help someone must be taken. I would like to thank all the veterinarians in Belgrade, led by Dragan Ristanović, who gave it their best, to help this dog heal . Thank you for returning the hope that Diamond might still live, even if he will spend the rest of his dog life in a wheelchair. Mister Dragan, who makes the dog wheelchairs, confirmed that there is hope for his recovery”, Arijana Arifović said for Image Diamond has returned to Sarajevo. He has been placed at the “King” pension where he will be given all the help he needs. “Even once he gets the wheelchair, the chances for him to get a permanent home in Bosnia and Herzegovina are minimal. I would like to ask all the organizations from abroad to contact the centers for disabled dogs in their countries, to help Diamond find caretakers or owners. With all the efforts and love that we are giving to make sure he has a good dog life, he needs someone with far more expertise then us”, concluded Arijana Arifović. Image


If you would like to help Journalists for Animals in their work in documenting what is happening for animals in Bosnia Herzegovina, or to assist in any particular rescue effort or case, please go to PAYPAL and make a donation to:

Please mark in the donation if your donation is for a particular animal or cause.

And also, once you have made your donation, please ensure that you ‘view transaction details’ (or click on the link ‘details’ beside your donation, or click on the ‘Confirm Receipt’ button if it is there), and click ‘confirm receipt’ otherwise the funds are not able to be used for several weeks. Thank you!


Wheelchairs for dogs

Mistar Dragan told us that he too has a doggy who walks with the help of a wheelchair, and that he makes the wheelchairs out of pure love, and the desire to make the dog’s life a little better and ease their pains.


I have many Facebook friends. I know some of them, and some I don’t. There is a whole bunch of clicks involved. And then, with no hope, with a heavily injured dog, you sit at a Belgrade vet’s office, swallowing hard, and all of a sudden, a familiar face appears. A face known to everyone on Facebook.

An elderly gentleman enters the office. He approaches the dog, looking at it with eyes full of compassion and love, and just briefly asks “is this the dog”? It is… I answer.

Looking at that kind face, I remember the profile! Yes! That is the “wheelchair for dogs” profile. But no! It’s not really that profile! It’s mister Dragan. “I am sorry, I only just recognized you! We mentioned you yesterday, we know you from Facebook.” I said in a shaky voice.

Mister Dragan told us that he too has a doggy who walks with the help of a wheelchair, and that he makes the wheelchairs out of pure love, and the desire to make the dog’s life a little better and ease their pains.

What can I tell you, I was happy to meet another person who feels such compassion and love towards a helpless animal. We would like to pay for the wheelchairs we ordered right away. Mister Dragan said that we can pay once the wheelchairs are made. I burst into tears….

“There were worse cases that made it trough. We will talk again” said mister Dragan as we were leaving. Saying that, he leaves to make the wheelchairs.

Tears in my eyes… once again.




Fuck this country!


When it comes to Bosnia and Herzegovina, it seems more realistic to explain why no problem can be solved, rather then offer alternatives for problem solving. Everything seems to be to complicated! We have so many levels of government, opposing laws and jurisdictions, that the word circus fits best when trying to explain this country.

Another one of these “unsolvable” problems is stray animal situation. Although different association and activists have been appealing to those in power for years to change the Animal protection and welfare laws, they simply keep playing dumb. Other then Gradiska, where „SOS šapice“ association works in collaboration with the German „SOS- Vergessene Pfoten Tierschuntz e.V.“ association and „Posljednja oaza“ association from Orasje, who have been successful in the implementation of this Law for many years, rest of the country is in a state of chaos.

Even when one municipality applies the Law, there are still many problems. In Bosnia animal cruelity and abandoning are not sanctioned. If you apply the Law, then all the other municipalities bring dogs to yours, thinking: “if you want to take care of those mongrels, here are some more”.

It is hard to explain to people living in normal and functional systems what it means to live in a country with under 4 million citizens, 10 cantons, 2 entities, one district and one “state” whose government is led by three presidents (one from each of the 3 constitutive nationalities). To give an example it is literally like this: You knock on the door of one level of government, they send you to a different one (from state level to municipality, from municipality to canton or entity, and round and round). The most fascinating thing is that every one of them, and all of them together don’t feel at all responsible. This is not just the animal problem that i speak of, but also the “unsolvable” issue of abandoned people in this country, as most of them are surviving below the edge of poverty.

Must we say more of a country which can not provide for a free storage for 500 tons of aid sent for flood victims by a foreign organization? People from all over the world keep sending help, but our incompetent government is not able to give them a single storage room to use for free! After days of begging, a single mayor has decided to give them a single storage. Even though this was help gathered from enthusiasts from all over the world, everyone was offering storage for up to 3 500 Euros a month, until a storage was found. Enough said about how this country takes care of its people! What to say of dogs and cats? As long as our politicians keep driving around in the most expensive cars, have the biggest salaries in the world, and estates around the world bought at the expense of the robbed people who can no longer afford to buy underwear, there is an illusion that Bosnia might be working somehow.

I mention underwear. Yes, yes, people in the flooded areas have lost everything, so it is not a rare thing, when u stop a car in Maglaj, Doboj, Samac, anywhere… that people will ask you if you have any with you to give then. The lack of medicines is a huge problem. Every day, minute after minute, you can read on the social networks that there are kids around the Bosnian villages with no medicines. There is much talk of Red Cross manipulation as well, with people constantly making contact, saying they got no aid at all…. Back to the animals. It isn’t only dogs and cats who are endangered. Especially at this moment, until our precious ministries come to an agreement, there is a lack of livestock food. As Bosnia and Herzegovina does not have a big animal incinerator, we have been using the Serbian one located it Inđija, where 152 corpses have been sent so far. The surviving livestock and poor people are crying out for food and water. To cover the eyes of poor starving people who no longer have any outs, the pathetic mayors are hiring hunters to kill the tortured and hungry dogs in the streets of the flood impacted municipalities. The inspection has, as usual, done nothing. And why should they when their offices were not flooded, their salaries come in time, and they “have bigger problems”.

During the recent period we have visited most of Bosnia. I have talked to all the animal rights activists. Spay and neuter program is  an imaginary term in most of the country.

When dogs amass, mayors in agreement with the hunters kill them off, and everything is good. Problem solved. It is simply incredible that since the beginning of time, dogs have been slaughtered at the Prijedor Dog Pound, and no one has ever asked how come killing and starving so many dogs has not led to a decreased number of dogs in the streets. It remains unclear how dogs as a species have not been completely exterminated form this terrible country. And no one asks why the no kill Law does not need to be changed in Germany, but only in Bosnia.

I am a Bosnian. I was born in Sarajevo. The logical question we ask ourselves is: why with all these problems, people remain silent. From time to time we protest for this or that, and then the politicians politicize the situation… and in a few days only a few stubborn ones remain, while most go back home, trying to figure out how to earn a few nickels to feed their families. I read a good commentary about animals activism and recent floods. “And there you go… activists have saved 300 dogs from the floods and have no idea what to do with them, and every one of them already has 200 dogs. Fuck this country.”

An yes, our favorite swear word, that we use every day is that – Fuck this country. And the irony is, there is no country.