Diamond needs help

The story of the dog called Diamond is a very sad one. Image “Diamond was taken into the “King” pension some ten days ago. He had a budge across his spine. He does not feel any stimulants in his back paws and he is completely paralyzed from the waist down. The RTG this morning showed multiple foreign bodies across the spine, and one of them is a clearly visible bullet from an air gun. The other group of “something” that got under the spine, can not be definet as bullets, but it could be a different fire arm, with light led bullets (small caliber gun or pistol), that shattered into multiple fragments inside the body.” This was written on the official Pension webpage after the unfortunate dog was found by activists in an abandoned field near Sarajevo. He had no chance of treatment in Bosnia. Activist Arijana Arifović took him to a specialist clinic in Belgrade, hoping that he could be treated. “Every living being has a right to live. Even the smallest chance to help someone must be taken. I would like to thank all the veterinarians in Belgrade, led by Dragan Ristanović, who gave it their best, to help this dog heal . Thank you for returning the hope that Diamond might still live, even if he will spend the rest of his dog life in a wheelchair. Mister Dragan, who makes the dog wheelchairs, confirmed that there is hope for his recovery”, Arijana Arifović said for Tacno.net. Image Diamond has returned to Sarajevo. He has been placed at the “King” pension where he will be given all the help he needs. “Even once he gets the wheelchair, the chances for him to get a permanent home in Bosnia and Herzegovina are minimal. I would like to ask all the organizations from abroad to contact the centers for disabled dogs in their countries, to help Diamond find caretakers or owners. With all the efforts and love that we are giving to make sure he has a good dog life, he needs someone with far more expertise then us”, concluded Arijana Arifović. Image


If you would like to help Journalists for Animals in their work in documenting what is happening for animals in Bosnia Herzegovina, or to assist in any particular rescue effort or case, please go to PAYPAL and make a donation to:


Please mark in the donation if your donation is for a particular animal or cause.

And also, once you have made your donation, please ensure that you ‘view transaction details’ (or click on the link ‘details’ beside your donation, or click on the ‘Confirm Receipt’ button if it is there), and click ‘confirm receipt’ otherwise the funds are not able to be used for several weeks. Thank you!


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