Thank you so much “SDB”

The Association for protection and welfare of animals “Život BiH” received donation from “Stichting Dierenopvang Bosnie” Association from Netherlands, to buy dog food for dogs from floods area.

Over 300 kg of dog food was delivered to activists who are taking care of strays in Bosanski Šamac, Bijeljina and Tuzla.

Part of donation was used to buy vaccines for dogs in small shelter in Bijeljina. Activists from Bijeljina said that it was easier to buy dog food than to buy vaccine. They have space to save more strays from Bijeljina streets, but before the dogs come to shelter they need to receive vaccine. “SDB” helped them save this dogs from the street.

“Život BiH” is very grateful for this generous donations












If you would like to help Journalists for Animals in their work in documenting what is happening for animals in Bosnia Herzegovina, or to assist in any particular rescue effort or case, please go to PAYPAL and make a donation to:

Please mark in the donation if your donation is for a particular animal or cause.

And also, once you have made your donation, please ensure that you ‘view transaction details’ (or click on the link ‘details’ beside your donation, or click on the ‘Confirm Receipt’ button if it is there), and click ‘confirm receipt’ otherwise the funds are not able to be used for several weeks. Thank you!



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