Žile will ride his bicycle for as many kilometers as you buy


They are (71) and Milena, father and daughter from Switzerland, descending from Pozarevac. Tomorrow they go on a 6500 km long bike trip around Europe, to raise funds for the endangered animals in Balkans. Meet “bikers in a barge”.

They starting point is in Seville (Spain), on June 17th 2014. After 91 days of riding, and 6500 km crossed across the Euro Velo route, biking fanatics will reach their destination, Athens (Greece). What they are looking forward to are the additional kilometers they will cross due to inevitably getting lost and finding the right way, as well as the standard father-daughter “misunderstandings” especially when it comes to finding short cuts. Longest path they crossed so fa is Euro Velo 6, which is 4500 km long, from Atlantic Ocean to the Black Sea. They were following five European rivers, that “led” them through 8 countries. Despite flat tires, falling into the river, inability to communicate in foreign languages and sunstroke, they made it and now they are aiming for new victories.

Hit by the recent floods that hit our, but also the surrounding countries Žile and Milena are conductiong a fund raiser for the organization that help endangered animals in Balkans, by crossing every kilometer that is bought by the interested and compassionate audience that will follow them on the said adventure. You can donate directly on the sites of three non profit organizations that take care of animals in Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia, and their names are mentioned on the FB page, or simply write that you wish to pay for their path from Barcelona to Palomas, and name the organization that you would like to give your money to. In return, you will get a present, a picture by Mateo Sikas. The money is certainly welcome, but food is also needed.

Here are the names of the associations: Association “Action Animals”, Serbia http://saptacpsima.com/udruzenje.html “Animal Welfare Advocates for Bosnia”, Bosnia-Hercegovina www.awabosnia.org tbd, Croatia www.tbd.com

Final preparations are ongoing, and Žile and Milena are starting the countdown of kilometers crossed. Follow their FB page, where they are regularly posting information on this action, so you will be informed of the adventures of these “Bikers on a barge”.


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