Kill and slaughter until the dog is no more

ImageHow can a shelter that only has, believe it or not 18 stalls, take care of the problem of thousands upon thousands of Federal and Republic of Srpska dogs?

Author: Predrag Blagovčanin

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“I heard great noise, and came out to see what was happening. What I saw was horrible: Hresa shelter employees and two employees of the Logavina local community had broken into the back yard of the “Mula Mustafa Baseskija” Elementary school, forced some dogs into the yard, and one of them was pulling a dog up the stairs by a noose. On the top of the stairs, secretary of the Local community “Logavina”, Nermin Dzino, was waiting. He was beating the dogs with a metal stick. Bloody dogs were put into cages and then into a vehicle”.

That was the testimony of Alma Tefterdija, who witnessed Bosnian vision of the implementation of the Animal welfare and protection act on June 9th 2014 on Toroman’s street in Sarajevo. Since she accidentally found herself in the back yard of the Mula Mustafa Baseskija Elementary that day, and dared to stand up to the people who were beating dogs with metal sticks, Sarajevo Canton PD issued a misdemeanor notification against Alma Tefterdija for public disturbance.

In other words, Alma Tefterdija wil have to eventually pay a fee of 500 KM to Sarajevo Canton for trying to prevent the violations of the Animal welfare and protection act, which clearly defines the way in which animals are to be transported to the adequately furnished shelter.

It just so happens that Alma Tefterdija loves animals, she loves kittens and puppies, but this is irrelevant to the story.
It is absolutely irrelevant if u happen to love animals, or despise them, perhaps you are afraid of various Shih Tzus, Pit Bulls, Chiuauas, poodles, or the original Bosnian mongrels. The whole discussion surrounding the stray dogs is not a matter of love or hate to these four legged fluffy creatures. On the contrary, the problem of stray dogs in Sarajevo and the rest of Bosnia and Herzegovina is strictly a matter of the implementation of the laws of this country.

For those who are not aware of the stray dogs problem in Sarajevo and other Bosnian cities, we shall try to inform them with this “alarming” situation.

The parliamentary congress of Bosnia and Herzegovina voted into power the Animal welfare and protection act, which eliminated the prior practice of capturing and killing dogs. This law absolutely regulates every aspect of human responsibility in the protection and welfare of animals in the sense of keeping, housing, feeding, protection from torture, transport, the regard of animals and sanctions against the law’s offenders, and the law gave local authorities mandatory instructions to create adequate shelters for stray animals.

How our local communities implemented the law is best shown by the fact that there is no information on the number of stray dogs in the streets of Sarajevo. The unofficial data says several thousand, who are inevitably a threat to the citizens of Sarajevo.
Without getting into discussions on whether local communities have enough material, human and financial resources to enforce this law, it is perfectly clear that they have been knowingly breaking the laws of this country for six years.
If you do not believe this, or find it impossible that the institutions who are obliged to carry out the laws have been disobeying it for six years, it will be sufficient to walk down the street from Bascarsija to Ilidza. The sight of packs of stray dogs roaming the streets will make you believe that in this city anything is possible.

How determined the local authorities are to solve this problem and protect its citizens from the “wild, irrepressible and bloodthirsty beasts” Is best seen in the speeches by the mayor of the Sarajevo municipality of Stari Grad Ibrahim Hadzibajric.
Since the problem of stray dogs exists in the entire Bosnia and Herzegovina and considering that the “stupid dogs” do not understand the entity borders, mayor Hadzibajric has signed a contract for the cooperation between the Stari Grad municipality and “Glog” ltd from Istocno Sarajevo who own the Hresa shelter.

“Glog” ltd who are ran by Slavisa Jovcic are apparently doing a great job “housing” the dogs in Hresa since the shelter not only has a contract with the Stari grad municipality, but also with the municipalities of Pale, Sokolac, Milci, Vlasenica, Srebrenica and the municipalities from Istocno Sarajevo.

The question is: How does a shelter that has, believe it or not, 18 stalls, solve the problems of thousands upon thousands of Federal and Republic of Srpska dogs?

Very easily.

As we would say, through orderly documentation.

Since Republic of Srpska has the first version of the Animal welfare and protection law in power, which allows for humane euthanasia of animals who are not adopted within 30 days of reaching the shelter.

You will no doubt ask how the process of humane euthanasia, which mayor Hadzibajric pays 58 KM per dog looks in this shelter whose work cost the Congress of Istocno Sarajevo 130 000 KM of budget money.

According to testimonies of the animal welfare organizations who visited Hresa, dogs in the 18 stalls are starved, covered with water in sub zero temperatures, left without water for days, and the pups are humanely euthanized with clubs. As you can see, every problem has a solution, especially when the solution is animated by the adequate veterinary inspector and if there is orderly documentation since the laws of this country must be obeyed.

Alma Tefterdija will have to pay 500 KM fee for trying to save three dogs, don’t be as naive as her.
Get ready and leave your homes. By all means if you see one of the many stray dogs of Sarajevo, break its spine with a metal stick, shank it with a knife, rape it with an umbrella, stick a firecracker in its snout, poison its food, there is a good chance that one of the mayors will pay you 58 KM, and if you truly do a good job, the City of Sarajevo may very well award you the April 6th award, as a deserving citizen.

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