Dog Fights: Common Practice in Center of Sarajevo

During the afternoon hours yesterday, another street dog was killed. In the center of B&H capital it has become a common practice that owners of fight-trained pit bulls train their dogs using street dogs. One such attack on a helpless stray happened today as well.

“These guys come every evening with their dogs and train them on strays. We do not know what to do any more. We called the police, but they refused to come. I’ve tried to remove the dog that was sent to attack the helpless stray we take care of from helpless Pujdo, but he wouldn’t open his jars. When that agony finally ended I couldn’t believe my eyes that, after everything, that dog was licking Pujdo’s blood from the pavement”, said one of the eyewitnesses of today’s event.


Animal rights activists were able to report the whole incident to the police, and they only came when they were threatened by the internal affairs.

To remind you, this is not the first attack that happened at the very heart of Sarajevo. Several months ago, 15 dogs were attacked, and you can read more about that following these links.

And seven days ago, Dundo was the victim of irresponsible owners of aggressive dogs.

10502505_899159253446435_8847875449910079872_nDundo was a dog that belonged to a homeless person, Ramiz. Whole Sarajevo knew them. Attack on them happened seven days ago. In an attempt to save his dog, Ramiz was also hurt and hospitalized after the incident.

After the activists have found out about the attack on Dundo, they reacted immediately and took him to the vet. However, it was already too late.

Veterinarian’s exam established that huge part of the tissue was affected by gangrene and worms. Around 30 cm in diameter and 3 cm in depth of gangrene affected tissue was removed. Sepsis has already started and even though they were fighting for his life, he did not make it.

Owner of the pit bull that attacked Dundo and his owner has previous record with the police and Attorney’s Office of Canton Sarajevo for similar activities.

After solid evidence is gathered, criminal report will be filed against this individual for killing and torturing an animal, violent behavior, keeping dangerous animal and inflicting severe body injuries.
“These are the hardest days for Ramiz in his entire life. He said he will never again own a dog because he cannot protect it from the evil” – said the activist that spent Dundo’s last moment with him.
Activists will take the dog that was attacked yesterday to an exam tomorrow. They couldn’t do it yesterday because they did not have a car available, and no veterinarian office works after 19:00 hours.


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