Bosnia: Desperate situation in the state owned shelter for dogs in Doboj (PHOTO/VIDEO)


Animal rights activists visited yesterday the state owned dog shelter located within the Sport and recreational center Preslica”” which is located 12 km away from Doboj. The situation is more than scary just like it was in the previous years – reported the activists.

“The stories circulate in Doboj that there are no dogs to be found in Preslica and that the shelter has been closed for a long time” – one woman said to us. We went to check what that is all about.

It was raining. There was a ZOO once, not far from the dog pound, which was now grown over by grass. In the distance, you could see the gate and hear the dogs barking.

We got out of the car. The dogs were barking. First thing we saw are the open doors on cages for dogs that were overcrowded till yesterday. We saw a dog in the small cage at the very entrance. It was barking and it seemed like with its barking, the dog was begging us to save it from this hell. Its cage was full of feces mixed with dry dog food. As it was raining, this food, obviously left by some good soul so it doesn’t starve, was slowly turning into a red stain.

We were greeted by the retriever mongrel at the entrance of the ZOO. Completely wet, it was jumping around and we concluded, based on its anxious movements, that it didn’t see a human being for a long time.


The barking became louder. We headed towards the other part of the obviously “former” shelter, where, not so long ago, dozens of abandoned dogs were fighting for bare life and piece of moldy bread. We cleared out way through the thick grass and found a dog covered with maggots. By the position of its body, that was lying so helplessly near the small dog house, we concluded without any look for further evidence, that it must have died of hunger. The maggots have already covered most of its body and it looked like it will wake up from deep sleep any minute.

In the other part of the shelter, the dog houses were grown over by grass. Last time we visited the shelter, almost a month ago, almost 20 dogs were located in those houses. We do not know what has happened to them.


The stench of the carcass, heavy rain and disbelief reminded us that we should go back.

In the place that was the zoo up till recently, in the area in which they kept wild boars, we have found several dogs. Barking … and it sounds like crying. As rain kept on falling, it seems that the sky was crying as they did. Screams, thunders, echo of rain drops mixed while rain kept on relentlessly falling on a tin roof. Despair could be felt in the air.

In the “free” part of the ZOO, we heard couple of puppies squealing. One of them had generalized demodicosis. The puppy kept running around on the rain, trying to communicate with us, but afraid to come near. The rain drops kept on falling on the open wounds on its skin – maybe it just wanted to cuddle to feel easier.

With a heavy heart and without words, we have left the hell called Preslica shelter. The dogs continued to bark begging desperately for help.

In Doboj, the citizens tried to persuade us that there weren’t any dogs in Preslica shelter. We reached the conclusion that the dogs were left to die.

We tried to get in touch with the Administration of Sport and Recreational Center “Preslica” to ask them to clarify what the situation in shelter was all about, but they did not respond to our calls.

The Association for the Protection of Animals “Lesi” from Doboj has confirmed that they have sent the requests to the Administration of SRC “Preslica” seeking to take care of dogs on several occasions, but this was never permitted.


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3 thoughts on “Bosnia: Desperate situation in the state owned shelter for dogs in Doboj (PHOTO/VIDEO)

  1. we were there 2weeks After the flood… The Dogs where eating each Other… It was horrible. We freed the ones that were loked in the mini Cages… We bought them xxxxy Kilos of dog Food… We Tried to get the People to Transfer the Dogs or better free them… They where Not interested.

    Im Working with 2 veterinaries to try to help the poor ones down there…

    I have pictures in my Pet Rescue Side on Facebook…

    Its soooo sad.

    Thank You for bringing up the Situation!! It Needs help…

    Thank You

    Nusta Trachsler

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