Bosnia: Sarajevo set to become the next Bucharest


During today’s assembly of the Sarajevo Canton government a decision was made to reactivate the dog catching service as a part of the Rad d.o.o, to remove the stray dogs from the streets of Sarajevo. The ministry for external decoration and environment protection of the Sarajevo Canton will be in charge of carrying out this decision.

“At the same time, the Government has put the Ministry of Economy in charge of creating a report from the aspect of realization of the obligations of the dog shelter in Praca that are taking over from the Sarajevo Canton, Sarajevo City and the municipalities of the Sarajevo Canton. The report is to be delivered to the Sarajevo Canton Government”, says the press service of the Sarajevo Canton.

cukoThe dogcatchers used to strangle with barbed wire, and our government wants them at it again

The decision of the SC government is contrary to the state Laws

Lawyer and animal rights activist Dalida Kozlic, considers this decision to be against the law.

“Any decision by the entity, cantonal or municipal government, that is contrary to the animal protection and welfare laws of BiH, and the accompanying acts is unlawful. For this reason we will look into determining the responsibilities of different representatives of various levels of legislative and executive powers. The psychophysical state of stray dogs may only be determined by the official veterinarian, in the institutions registered in accordance with the state law. Any attempts of illegal activities will be documented, and notifications will be sent to the district attorney’s offices in charge. The Sarajevo Canton government has commited a violent attack against the legal system of BiH, by voting in a decision contrary to the state law.” – says Kozlic
The pound is not registered as hygienic service

The veterinary inspection of the Sarajevo Canton has issued a Resolution on 18th of May 2009 that ordered KJKP Rad D.o.o Sarajevo to synchronize its actions with the animal protection and welfare laws. The inspectors determined on April 28th 2009 that KJKP Rad D.o.o Sarajevo did not have the permissions to form a hygienic service issued by the institutions in charge.




The permission that orders KJKP RAD to synchronize its actions with the Law

Based on the Law the veterinary office of BiH issued a rulebook regarding the founding of hygienic services and the conditions hygienic services must meet.

Blunt breaking of these orders of both the Law and the its subordinated acts is an everyday occurrence in BiH. It is now more than clear that this pre-elections move will once again mean rivers of innocent dog blood will be spilt in the streets of the Capital. To make the irony greater, the project of mass sterilization and castration led by the British foundation Dogs trust starts on September 15th. Once the pound is activated it is a question if there will be any dogs left to sterilize.


The Sarajevo dogcatchers savagely murdered three month old puppies back in 2007


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