On 15. 09. 2014 the Chief Prosecutor of the Cantonal Prosecution in Sarajevo Canton has received filed criminal charges against Acting Prime Minister and Ministers of the Government of Sarajevo Canton, due to the existence of grounded suspicion that they are perpetrated a criminal offense under Article 383 of the Criminal Code of FB&H (abuse of office).

On 11 09. 2014, Sarajevo Canton Government held the 78th regular session at which, in addition to the regular points it discussed the problem of “stray dogs” and the Sarajevo Canton Government delegated to the Ministry of Physical Planning and Environment of Sarajevo Canton to activate the previous service for rendering works of the Cantonal public utility company “RAD” doo Sarajevo for the purpose of removal the “angry, dangerous and sick stray dogs” in the Sarajevo Canton.

The Act on Animal protection and welfare in B&H came into force in April 2009 and does not define the terms: a stray dog, aggressive dog, rabid dog. Animal Protection andl Welfare Act of B&H defines the term abandoned dog. Also, rabid dogs do not exist, as rabies as a disease was eliminated for decades and has not been recorded in dogs (owned and abandoned dogs).

On 18. 05. 2009, the Veterinary Inspection of Sarajevo Canton has adopted Decision No. 07-06 – 24 – CS – 295 ordering KJKP “Rad” d.o.o to align their work with the regulations of the Act on Animal Protection and Welfare of B&H (Official. Gazette 9.25). The said decision states that KJKP “Rad” does not have permission to perform public hygiene service issued by the competent cantonal authorities.

Since the above ruling, rendering service (dog catching service) KJKP “Rad“ d.o.o.. Sarajevo has not registered for the activity of public hygiene service nor it got the permission to work. Also, pursuant to the Act on the Protection and Welfare of Animals B&H and the Act on Veterinary Office, only authorized official veterinarian may issue a warrant for the capture and observation of certain abandoned dog, on suspicion of having a problem with misbehavior. No other physical or legal persons cannot and must not catch, monitor or euthanize an abandoned dog without the procedure prescribed by the law and an order authorized by the official veterinarian.

As rendering service P. E. “Rad” of Canton Sarajevo does not have a work permit and how does not meet the conditions stipulated by the Law on the protection and welfare of Animals in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Regulations on the Establishment and conditions that must be met by the sanitary services in B&H, and that by the decision of the Veterinary inspection of the Sarajevo Canton it is banned to perform that work, it is evident that by the decision on activation of the so-called. rendering services within P.E. “Rad” d.o.o. the Government of Sarajevo Canton wants to violate state law and redirect budget funds for financing fictitious activities of P.E. “Rad” d.o.o. Sarajevo.

In reaching a decision that is contrary to the provisions of state law, the Prime Minister and Ministers of the Government of Sarajevo Canton (who are in their technical term) have committed a violent attack on the constitutional order, because they abused their position and powers and made a decision that aims to bring about the mass slaughter of abandoned dogs which would lead to an offense under Article 318 of the Criminal Code of FB&H (torture and killing of animals), but they have also with this unconstitutional and illegal decision committed abuse of office and authority in a manner that are favourable for P.E. “Rad” d.o.o. which would, for the execution of this offense, receive a large funding from the budget of the Sarajevo Canton and thus acquire a significant illegal financial gain. In fact, if the above decision of the Government of Sarajevo Canton would be executed, P.E. “Rad” d.o.o. would receive money from the budget for the activity for which it is not only not registered and for which they have no statutory licenses and permission, but for which they received a ban to perform, and which the Government of Sarajevo Canton activates, so P.E. „Rad“ d.o.o. acts contrary to the applicable legal regulations.

Therefore the question is rased on how the Government of Sarajevo Canton wants to realize the transfer of funds from the budget of the Sarajevo Canton to P.E. “Rad“ d.o.o for activities which it cannot and must not be engaged in and which result in direct contravention of the provisions of the Criminal Code of Federation B&H. It is evident that the Government of Sarajevo Canton by passing an illegal decision to activate the illegal services directly favors P.E. “Rad“ d.o.o. so it can gain considerable financial resources that can not be legally justified.

If this illegal decision is to be implemented, P.E. “Rad“ d.o.o.. will form part of the fictional public company, whose employees will commit criminal acts, and illegal allocation of funds from the budget of the Sarajevo Canton will happen.
Till the moment of the prohibition of work of the rendering service (real term – dog catching service ), 700.00 KM were given from the budget of the Sarajevo Canton for the massacre of stray dogs made by dog catching – rendering service. ______________________________________________________________

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  1. What is wrong with people. The dogs breed on the streets they were abandoned to by citizens who wanted rid. Yet instead of laying the blame for strays on those negligent owners and the corrupt government, the greatest blame is placed on the innocent dogs themselves. Crazy and tragic.

  2. Why doesn’t someone sue those politicians who are calling for the murder of innocent dogs when they have ignored the animal welfare and protection act 2009? When are the citizens of BiH going to wake up and realise that their leaders are corrupt and they need to get rid of them? I sincerely hope that BiH are not allowed to join the European Union.

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