Massive dog slaughter in Canton Sarajevo will cost 340 000 EUR


Written by: Ivana Tomić

Photo: Jelena Paunović

I will pay my fine the same moment that the man who killed a dog last night pays a fine for that; When a van driver who left on the street a plastic crate with 8 one-month old puppies on 5 degrees Celsius is fined. When a man who drilled a hole into his own dog pays a fine…How much does a life cost?

How many uneducated people will file a complaint against every little dog snout that peeks out begging for some bread crust? And we can rest assured that only aggressive dogs will be removed from the streets of Sarajevo because that it the purpose of an established expert body called DOG CATCHERS. This is an excellent performance for the masses who will burst with joy and pleasure…over killing! Euthanasia is a kind word off of the shelf, polished and served to appease the last crumb of conciseness that I hope a few souls can still recognize within themselves.

Last night I held my palm over a warm body of a dog, whose heart was beating for the last time. Run over by a car and left on the street, as usual, laying in warm blood that has spread over the concrete.

We stood over him and waited for him to die. Proper to that moment, a car sped by us and left permanent traces of blood on me. I’ll wash my clothes, but for how long, how long will we be smeared with blood in every sense, and we’ll break inside to correct the consequences, while others earn on the lives of ten or more.

I don’t want blood, nobody’s blood. I don’t want dogs on the streets, no one is happy about dog attacks on people. Dogs have never attacked me, whether as a matter of luck or circumstance, but people have. A solution exists, far cheaper than 680.00KM if we take into account that these funds are available to only ONE canton, but the solutions can’t be realized over night. This entire charade that I am watching, discussions regarding the hatred and aggression toward the four-legged beings that have bigger hearts than many of the people who I know including some that I am related to, is nothing other than hiding evidence of wasted funds that have disappears without a trace, which were allocated for the solution of the stray dog problem. There wouldn’t be hungry, cold, abused, maimed, and other dogs whose survival instincts aren’t dissimilar to our own.

In Tuzla, majority of grassy surfaces are covered in signs forbidding dogs, while at the same time there isn’t a single green surface for animals. Petty souls use their cameras, so that persons dearest to me would be fined for their defiance and principal, which I also follow, while they remain SILENT as they listen to family violence next door. And while we continue to remain silent, and as solutions to problems continue to go backwards, things will never get better for us. We will continue to utilize empty phrases such as, “it’s ok, it could be worse,” “who knows why this is good,” etc., while we are missing so many things to the point that we don’t even need them anymore.

For those who find it abnormal that I would take my dog to a green surface to spite the ban on dogs, is it normal to those same people that I am 30 years old, have a college diploma, but not a single day of work experience? This is just one of the countless examples of the overall monstrosity of our system. But I will pay my fine as I am supposed to at the same moment that the man who killed a dog last night pays his; when a van driver who left behind on the street a plastic crate with 8 one-month old puppies on 5 degrees Celsius is punished. When a man who drilled a hole into his OWN dog pay his fine…

But how much does a life cost?!!


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