Bosnia: They killed dogs before the eyes of elementary school children ?!


Author: Dragan Sladojević

Originally published on:

KOZARSKA DUBICA – Before the eyes of a large number of students, at the entrance to the primary school “Vuk Stefanovic Karadzic” in Kozarska Dubica, two men with guns were killing stray dogs, which horrified all who witnessed the negligent act.

This was told to us by a student’s mother on Friday, who specified that the incident occurred the day before, sometime before eight a.m., when she brought her children to class.

“I think the people (in question) were two members of the local hunting association ‘Jelen’ because I saw that they used a vehicle with their logo. This happened at the very entrance to the school, in the sight of a large number of children, as classes begin at eight o’clock. As a parent I was so furious when I saw it all and heard the cry of the shot dog”, the mother told us, who, as she claims, witnessed it all, and whose name is known to the editors of “Nezavisne”.

She called, as she claims, the local police station soon after, whose officer on duty advised her to notify the communal police about the incident, which as she says, she did.
“I think it is wrong to kill these poor animals, and certainly not at that time and in that place”, says the bitter mother.

Her opinion is shared by Brane Miljatović, headmaster of the Dubica elementary school “Vuk Stefanovic Karadzic,” who adds, however, that he had heard nothing about this incident.

“Someone discharged weapons in the vicinity of the school? Well really nobody alerted me about this. Dogs need to be caught and taken somewhere else. It is true that there have been a few stray dogs near the school, and today I have not seen any. They’re not supposed to shoot near the school, it’s a crime”, said Miljatović.

That they would examine whether some of the hunters had killed abandoned dogs, we are assured by Slobodan Borojević, president of the Hunting Club ‘Jelen’, who states that the Club has no jurisdiction to conduct this type of killing.

“She saw our vehicle? Was it undertaken illegally, I cannot say. I do not have those findings, but I will initiate an investigation to verify what this is about. For me, it is wrongdoing”, Borojević promised.

Milenko Simatović, head of the Communal Police Kozarska Dubica stated that they will undertake specific steps if a denouncement is given in writing.

“I really do not know what this is about. We usually catch dogs, but whether this was done by somebody who was revolted or is it something else, I do not know”, said Simatović.
The Association for the Protection of Animals “Kerber” condemned the heinous act mentioned by the mother of the student from Kozarska Dubica.

“People who have done this should be brought to justice, because it is a criminal offense against animal welfare. Also, people who do this are extremely dangerous for the environment, because they possess weapons. Until now, it has been proven numerous times that people who kill animals later commit crime against humans”, the Association for the Protection of Animals “Kerber” criticizes.


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  1. […] Stray dogs are frequently gunned down in Bosnia Herzegovina, and the Sarajevo government’s new policy, widely reported in the media can only give encouragement to more killing. See today’s news item concerning two men with guns killing stray dogs in Kozarska Dubica, a town in northern Bosnia and Herzegovina. This horror was witnessed by primary school children. “It happened at the very entrance of the school, the sight of a large number of children.” (English translation here) […]

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