Sarajevo: What does the Veterinary Inspection do upon the receipt of an application?


Written by: Jelena Paunović

Photo: Jelena Paunović

In Sarajevo, emergency telephone lines were made available for citizens to report potentially aggressive abandoned dogs in addition to the following telephone lines (033 770-156, 061 145-508 and 061/ 160- 926). Application Form to report attacks by stray dogs can be downloaded from the website of the Cantonal Administration for Inspection Affairs ( under the category “Forms”. The completed form can be sent via official e-mail address of the inspection

“When the application is received, the main Cantonal Veterinary Inspector issues an Order based on which the inspector is sent to the location to determine the facts. The inspector takes the statement of the attacked person (description of the event, the precise location of the attack, the information about the dog, evidence of the attack, and any other relevant information). If a dog bite is in question, having previously interviewed the victim of the attack, it is desirable to submit a medical report. All these data are later passed on to “Lokom” hygiene service of the Municipality Novi Grad, Communal Utility Company “Rad” or cantonal shelter for dogs in Prača”- it was stated to our portal by the Cantonal Administration for Inspection Affairs.

Citizens report attacks on a daily basis, or the mere presence of dogs in Sarajevo neighborhoods. The Veterinary Inspection receives dozens of applications daily.

To recap, hygiene service “Lokom” of the Municipality Novi Grad is not registered to conduct the activities of a hygiene service nor does it qualify for the activities described in the Regulation on the establishment and the conditions that must be met by hygiene services. Due to the illegality of their operations, they are under investigation by the Prosecutor’s Office of Canton Sarajevo.

Public Utility Company “Rad” has also not fulfilled the requirements of the said Regulation, and cannot undertake the activity of removal of stray dogs from the streets. A series of lawsuits is being undertaken against shelter “Prača” for illegal operations.

And, indeed with whom did the Government of Canton Sarajevo together with the Ministry of Physical Planning and Environment of Canton Sarajevo mean to remove potentially dangerous abandoned dogs from the streets of Sarajevo?


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