Maja Sujoldzic and Dalida Kozlic physically assaulted during an attempt to enter the veterinary center in Reljevo


A real life drama took place today in front of the newly opened veterinary center in a Sarajevo neighborhood Reljevo. A group of residents visited the veterinary center owned by Sarajevo County Novi Grad to find out what happened to the dogs that according to witnesses were taken there by the Hygiene Service Lokom employees. Entrance to the veterinarian facility was blocked by a security guard who was “guarding” the center from the residents. Two residents, Maja Sujoldzic and Dalida Kozlic, were physically assaulted when they attempted to enter the veterinary center. Both are in good spirits and are recovering at home following a visit to the doctor.

Written by: Jelena Paunovic

We spoke to Eldar Kozlic, one of the residents who wanted to find out about the fate of the taken dogs about the events which took place and previous media speculations related to this

“I knew about everything that has been going on, but today was the first time I witnessed it with my own eyes. With its criminal activities, Canton Sarajevo has literally buried the laws of Bosnia and Herzegovina. I couldn’t believe that the County Novi Grad Veterinary Center built with public funds is being guarded by members of the County Novi Grad Civil Defense – Emergency Intervention Unit in black uniforms. This means that the public is not allowed to enter this veterinary center. Why and how? Today I was also convinced that PU Novi Grad police “didn’t see” an attack on me even though they were only around 40 meters away in a car that was driving toward the veterinary center. Even after two other girls were physically attacked by the members of the Civil Defense, the police refused to call the criminal unit to investigate,” said Eldar Kozlic

Kozlic further pointed out that residents must become familiar with how the public funds are being utilized because those assets belong to all residents.

“Residents must know that the Veterinary Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Veterinary Inspection of Canton Sarajevo, and the police are together destroying the state law regarding the animal protection and welfare law and other criminal laws of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). Together they are taking dogs to mass execution with the help of the unlawfully established Hygiene Service Lokom. They are killing puppies along with their mothers (which was the case today), as well as dogs that were previously sterilized by public funds budgeted for that purpose. Due to the fact that Sarajevo lacks adequate shelters, these dogs are being taken to a heavily guarded veterinary center to be killed. But, I should point out that at the same time they are logging and collecting public funds for regular veterinary services (sterilization/castration, vaccinations, pills against various parasites),” stated Kozlic

He furthermore explains that after Lokom takes those dogs, they are never seen again. The only exception to this rule is in a few cases where ordinary residents who love animals were able to save some of the dogs.

Civil Defense employee guarding the veterinary center in Reljevo is obviously guarding it from ordinary residents. In an informal conversation he informed us that we can only speak to the veterinary center’s employees in the early morning hours and he denied that dogs are brought there. Employees of the Hygiene Service Lokom managed to distance themselves from the entire situation.


Dalida Kozlic, a lawyer, activist, and a resident, spoke to our portal regarding the incident.

“Sadly, today we were a witness to a clear example of a criminal organization headed by Semir Efendic, which is also undoubtedly under the protection of Sarajevo Canton Interior Ministry (MUP KS). A criminal complaint was filed against Efendic and the rest of the cronies along with proof of embezzlement of public funds killing of stray dogs,” said Kozlic.

“Every resident has a legal right to access public institutions, which we were denied today. Veterinary center in Reljevo is guarded by a person wearing a black uniform with “Civil Defense – Emergency Intervention Unit” of Novi Grad County insignia. By law, the Civil Defense cannot be utilized as a paramilitary formation that is used as a security service for property and individuals. Furthermore, we were witnesses to unlawful conduct by members of law enforcement PU Novi Grad, which did everything to find a way to block us from gathering evidence.”

“However, the entire incident was recorded from the beginning to the end, as well as police obstruction, but especially important is the video of a physical attack on Maja Sujoldzic-Aljovic by the Civil Defense employee, as well as a physical attack by Edin Hajro against me during which I sustained physical injuries.”

“New criminal complains will be filed against the criminal organization headed by Efendic and protected by the Sarajevo Canton Interior Ministry (MUP KS) and the Sarajevo Cantonal Prosecutor’s Office, as well as against the head of the police of Sarajevo Canton Interior Ministry; I will also file a civil lawsuit against them, as well as the individuals who attacked Maja Aljovic, Eldar Kozlic, and me,” further explained Kozlic.

Maja Suljovic Adzovic was contacted for a statement, but she was unable to comment while she was still recovering from the physical assault.


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2 thoughts on “Maja Sujoldzic and Dalida Kozlic physically assaulted during an attempt to enter the veterinary center in Reljevo

  1. I hope all of you are safely recovering, and that you will be successful in your lawsuits against the the government. The abuse of power and money by corrupt officials in BiH is appalling, and the killing of innocent animals is horrifying.

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