Reactions to the attack on Maja Sujodzic and Dalida Kozlic: It is unacceptable for an institution to use violence against residents


Associations Link plus, Feniks and Animal Hope – Riska strongly condemn the attack on activists Maja Sujoldzic and Dalida Kozlic that took place as they tried to enter a veterinary center in Sarajevo neighborhood Reljevo.

Institutions cannot be allowed to use violence against residents who are trying to point out illegal work of animal hygiene services and veterinary centers and who are standing up for the rule of law in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH).

The World Health Organization (WHO) and the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) have warned that killing of abandoned dogs and cats is an inefficient measure for resolving the problem of abandoned animals; and Declaration 26 of European parliament, adopted three years ago, recommended responsible ownership (dog chipping, vaccinations, sterilization of cats and dogs, and owner education) as the solution for resolving this problem in European countries.

The law for Animal Protection and Welfare of Animals in BiH was passed in accordance with European standards and recommendations of international organizations. The law is not being implemented meaning that cats and dogs in BiH have still not been marked and recorded in a central registry. That means that six years after the law was adopted, the state institutions have not implemented a single measure or met preconditions for efficient and lawful solution to the problem.

By accusing activists that they are obstructing the solution to the problem, using certain media outlets to create a toxic atmosphere against activists, and employing violence against residents who try to enter a public institution, Canton Sarajevo authorities are demonstrating that they do not intend to change their style of work unless they face strong international pressure to do so.

As a result we are calling on organizations across the world to direct written messages to the Canton Sarajevo government to support activists who are committed to a lawful, efficient, and humane resolution to the problem of abandoned animals.


If you would like to help Journalists for Animals in their work in documenting what is happening for animals in Bosnia Herzegovina, or to assist in any particular rescue effort or case, please go to PAYPAL and make a donation to:

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