Prnjavor: Dogs on these photographs will be put to sleep in five days! Adopt them!


Do you already know what you will be doing this weekend or this Sunday more precisely? While you are making your plans to rest, these dogs on the photographs are waiting for their journey of no return, euthanasia! On Sunday, November 30th, dogs on these photographs will be put to sleep based on regulations. They have already spent a long time in a shelter for abandoned dogs in Prnjavor, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Some of the dogs have been there for 18 months while law limits their stay to only 30 days.

Thanks to Bojan Veselica, the only volunteer who is caring for these shelter dogs, the limit on the stay of the dogs was extended. Unfortunately, the time has come because there are no more resources left to take care of the dogs, so they will be put to sleep. We spoke to Bojan who told us more about the fate of these unlucky dogs.

-After a long time spent at the shelter, there is no more room for them. The law imposed limit for keeping dogs is 1 month, but I managed to keep some of them for 18 months. No one ever asked for them or wanted them. This is their last chance…In Prnjavor, there are many abandoned animals that need to be placed in shelters and that is why these dogs are going to be euthanized within 5 days based on the law.

Bojan has tried everything to find homes for the dogs, but he has not been very successfully. Only as a result of outreach over social media, he has managed to find homes for five dogs thanks to some people who felt badly for them. No one has asked for the rest of them…

Bojan is asking all animal lovers to take a look at the photographs and contact him in case they would like to adopt a dog. Anyone interested can reach him via email at


-Here it is very rare to find homes for dogs, even puppies are unwanted. These five dogs that we found homes for is a huge success! – said Bojan, desperate that he cannot do more for these dogs.

Look at the photographs, choose a dog you like, and save a life! If anyone deserves another chance, it is them!

If you are not able to adopt a dog, please share this text to spread the word to as many people as possible.

We hope that together we can save more lives!


Cigo – Vaccinated against rabies and other infectious disease, 1 year old, scare and traumatized. He has over 40 kilograms, a big dog but a big baby. He is not aggressive in any way. He will be adopted only to people who are able to dedicate time to help him rehabilitate.

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