Bosnia: The Sad Saga of Prnjavor “Shelter”


Due to the organized action by animal rights activists from around the world, 14 dogs have been saved from a dog “shelter” in Prnjavor, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). People from BiH and around the world are continuing to fight for the lives of approximately 20 other dogs still located at the “shelter.”

Activists from Sarajevo visited the “shelter” in Prnjavor yesterday and managed to save two dogs. Bojan Veselica, a man who has been fighting for these dogs over the last two years since the “shelter” was established, told us that he is grateful for the response he has received from people worldwide willing to help the dogs that faced a certain death.


Unhappy dog at Prnjavor shelter

“In all of this darkness, I would like to point out one positive thing and that is that these dogs are not hungry regardless of how difficult it is to obtain enough food. For years I have been collecting leftovers from restaurants and feeding dogs with it. While in other “shelters” dogs are starving, in this “shelter” dogs sometimes receive big pieces of fresh meat, as disgusting as that may sound. However, the best food for dogs is the food made for them,” said Veselica.


Dog food

To recap, the “shelter” in Prnjavor has been in existence for two years. The attention of the world was recently caught after we published an article in English regarding this particular “shelter.” Activists from the United States started two YouCaring pages to collect donations to purchase needed dog food and to conduct emergency sterilization of the shelter dogs.

However, as new dogs are constantly brought, the saga of “shelters” in Prnjavor (and nearby Derventa) will sadly not be finished with the adoption of the currently remaining 20-something dogs.



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