Journalists for Animals serves as the sole provider of accurate information related to animal welfare in Bosnia and Herzegovina. With generous donations of individuals like you, we are committed to achieving the following:

  • Investigate and report cases of animal cruelty across Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • Investigate and report abuses of power and mismanagement of public funds which are funneled through illegal “shelters,” veterinary stations, institutions and other entities with authority to address the problem of stray dogs.
  • Advocate for accountability and punishment of individuals behind animal cruelty, animal concentration camps, and systematic elimination of stray dogs in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • Educate and mobilize the public to demand the implementation of the 2009 Animal Protection and Welfare law as the long term and humane solution to the problem of stray dogs in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • Provide a voice to thousands of animals under daily duress and risk of death.

To support our work, please make a donation via PayPal to

7 thoughts on “Donate

  1. Jelena, When I did not hear back from you, I donated the $100 on PayPal to AWAB. I am so hopeful you will have access to the money to help you in your work to save animals! We here in the USA all respect you for what you are doing and admire you tremendously! Keep up the wonderful work and Good Luck!

    Rita Cross

  2. Jelena… I have freinds asking how to donate to you? do they just click to paypal and use your email address to send you a donation? Thx Gary (gary simpson, your freind on facebook) x

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