Jelena Paunović: I got bi’en by a dog in the election campaign


Author: Jelena Paunović

Originally published on:

The story of bites of stray dogs on innocent civilians, is the most outrageous possible opening of the election campaign and deception of the public in an attempt to make an old theme new.

Why not ask the taxpayers why the tax payers’ money is being spent for two (non) existing hygiene services in Sarajevo? Is this yet another offering of non-existent solutions? Another in the series of promises that “from Monday we are solving the problem 100%?” If I make a statement today that tomorrow I will become a model, will I really be one?
Are the streets of Sarajevo in addition to politicians and ordinary citizens roamed by various numbers of dogs? Does the mayor visit victims of stray dog bites only during the election campaign? Do bites occur aside from the beginning of the election campaign or otherwise?

There is no Regulation in force, and the question is why?

The umbrella institution responsible for handling this “burning” issue is the Veterinary Office. Even after five years they have not been able to bring the Regulation on the Identification of Dogs and Cats. What we are talking about then?! Perhaps this is a case of the protection of various lobbies: from irresponsible owners, to illegal kennels, to the protection of non-existent hygiene services and non-existent animal shelters as well?!
What are we actually talking about?

Did you know that the Council of Ministers adopted the Information on the absolute possibility of implementation of the Law on the Protection and Welfare of Animals of B&H in mid last year and ordered the solution measures that nobody has complied with? Why? Who is protecting whom? And, why? What for?
Could it be the elections ?!

Is Minister Hrenovica and the Government of Canton Sarajevo sending a message with the Decision on Activation of the Dog Pound that the already (non)existent hygienic services within PUC “Lokom” and PUC “Komunalac” from the Sarajevo neighbourhood Hadžići are unable to solve this issue? Is the cantonal minister telling us that they are actually not doing their job well?

Is the Government of Canton Sarajevo trying to say, by bringing the Decision on Activation of the Dog Pound, that budget beneficiaries (“Lokom” and “Komunalac”) have not been doing their job properly?

And why do we always talk about “imposed” Europe just before the elections? Well, is this very Europe “imposed” fully or only partially? And, more importantly, when we talk only about abandoned dogs, are we raising the whole issue EXACTLY during election time?
Politicians, your people are compromised right NOW in Prijedor and Livno!

Will you, Mr. Ivo Komšić go and have your photograph taken with them as well? Or is your only target group to grab some votes for the political option you belong to, on the account of “mongrels”, because aside from halfway solutions, you are unable to even promise anything else!

How is money laundered?

At today’s press conference, a non-governmental foundation Dogs Trust has supported the operation of dog pounds. They see it as one in a series of links in the implementation of national law.

And if an NGO, and a foreign one at that, supports the very thing domestic NGOs fought against for two decades, isn’t it time to ask ourselves who supports whom here ?!


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