Bosnia: Local Government Orders Illegal Massacre Of Stray Dogs


Written by: Dalida Kozlic , grad.iur.

Dog catchers’ service of P. E. “Rad” of Canton Sarajevo, which was active until 2009, was a notorious group of dog catchers and killers who were known by mass torturing and slaughter of stray dogs in Canton Sarajevo. Methods that were used by dog catchers were similar to methods that had been used in concentration camps that had existed in Bosnia during the war (1992 – 1995).

Dog catchers, who were employed in P. E. “Rad”, tortured and killed thousands of stray dogs in Sarajevo until 2009. They were a scientific example of psychopaths. It is known and proven by scientists and during many trials of serial killers and war criminals that persons who enjoy torturing and killing of animals are psychopaths and that their psychopathy always results with torturing and killing of people.

Many people who witnessed atrocities committed by dog catchers (you could just imagine what was happening behind of the closed doors of the pound), felt consequences because of traumas. Unfortunately, children suffered the most during activities of dog catchers.

Animal Protection and Welfare Act of Bosnia and Herzegovina entered into force in April 2009. Veterinary Inspection of Canton Sarajevo issued a decision ruling that service of dog catchers of P. E. “Rad” had to stop working immediately, because its activities and catching of stray dogs was illegal and contrary to provisions of Animal Protection and Welfare Act of Bosnia and Herzegovina. After the decision had been issued and the work of dog catchers had been forbidden, they stopped catching of stray dogs.

No one mentioned that dog catchers were criminally responsible for atrocities, which they had committed, because torturing and killing of stray dogs and all other animals was a criminal offense (it is still criminal offense and it will always be). No one has ever been charged with this criminal offense YET!

Government of Canton Sarajevo, which entered technical mandate because people had protested against prime minister and ministers due to criminal and corruptive activities, issued a decision ruling that illegal service of dog catcher of P. E. “Rad” had to be formed on 11th September. That meant that the prime minister and other ministers attacked on the constitutional order of Bosnia and Herzegovina and abused official authority because they breached the Animal Welfare and Protection Act of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

It is prohibited that lower levels of the government order activities that are not under their jurisdiction and that are contrary to the state’s acts. Because of this prohibition legal acts that are enacted by lower levels of government and that are contrary to state’s acts must not be implemented. Implementation of such acts is a criminal offense and presents attack on the constitutional order.

What would activation of dog catchers mean for stray dogs and for citizens?

If dog catchers started working, many of stray dogs would be tortured and massacred in Sarajevo. Hundred thousands of Euros would be spent for illegal massacre of stray dogs. It means that budget money would go to politicians directly.

Many citizens especially children would meet dog catchers who catch and torture dogs on the streets every day.

Please help us to stop this!It is illegal, it is against our constitution, it is a criminal offense, but authorities want to slaughter stray dogs in Sarajevo. Legal battle is about to begin, but we want to use all legal means to end this horror, to save stray dogs and to implement Animal Protection and Welfare Act.


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14 thoughts on “Bosnia: Local Government Orders Illegal Massacre Of Stray Dogs

  1. There is animal cruelty all over the world…when and where does it STOP!!! Bosnia, where’s your compassion? Do you really want more psychopaths on your streets? Please stop this inhuman way of dealing with these sweet strays!!!

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